Dave Hendershott Will Take the 5th in Joel Fox Job Appeal, Says Lawyer; Read Updates on Fox Hearing

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In any case, Judge Sparks said he's not likely to let Fox delay his case indefinitely, even if it's assumed that the feds have an active investigation.

McCormick told Sparks she'd let him know tomorrow if she wanted to ask for a continuance in the case until that question was resolved.

If Sparks tells McCormick to proceed with the case, with or without Fox's input, the appeal case may still require up to 27 full business days to conclude. That means the hearings, which are being held in the Board of Supervisor's Auditorium at 205 West Jefferson, would run at least into June.

What a cluster you-know-what.

* Deputy Chief Brian Sands testified today, rehashing stuff he's already talked about extensively with the state AG's office and in an internal investigation of Arpaio's commanders conducted by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's office.

Sands said he thought the SCA would be similar to a union when he first heard Hendershott and others discuss it. He says he began paying $100 a month to the SCA without much thought as to where it might be going. He didn't recall any talk of the SCA on the Alaska fishing trip in 2007 that he went on with his buddy Ellman, Hendershott and other SCA donors.

Sands is still employed as one of Arpaio's top commanders.

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