Dave Hendershott's trips to Honduras -- another example of corruption, according to Deputy Chief Frank Munnell

David Hendershott Betrayed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Runs Corrupt Office, Top Deputy Alleges; Arpaio Runs to Buddy, Sheriff Paul Babeu, for Cover. SEE UPDATE

​A bombshell memo from a top Maricopa County Sheriff's Office official alleges that Chief Deputy David Hendershott betrayed Sheriff Arpaio and ran a corrupt office through fear and intimidation.

(Read an update here.) 

Basically, Deputy Chief Frank Munnell, the memo's author, confirms what New Times and other critics have said all along about Hendershott and the command staff at the MCSO. But there's plenty of fresh meat here, too.

Joe Dana of Channel 12 (KPNX-TV) obtained the memo, according to a report aired last night. This morning, the Arizona Republic (the station's partner), ran a piece with further details.

Munnell wants Arpaio to conduct an internal investigation into the actions of Hendershott, Deputy Chief Larry Black, and Captain Joel Fox, (the latter two of SCA-scandal infamy).

Arpaio's response to Munnell tells us all we need to know about his culpability in the alleged corruption: He sent the case to his political ally, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Munnell claims he was forced by Hendershott to contribute to the Sheriff's Command Association account which, of course, was set up by Hendershott.

The memo apparently explains everything from Honduras to the SCA to the well-documented political investigations by the office. We're not sure what Munnell's part in all this might be, other than his role as an SCA contributor -- but his allegations make perfect sense.

Except for the implication that Arpaio wasn't aware of what Hendershott was doing.

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