Death Sentence

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There is little doubt that the nurse is partly at fault here, but aren't jail conditions the ultimate responsibility of the county sheriff? Aren't the people he and the county hire to work in the jail, whether from another county agency or not, his responsibility?

And I'm not even getting into whether the sheriff should be stocking the medieval restraint chairs in question in this case, which has many parallels to the infamous county jail death by asphyxiation of Scott Norberg ("Jail Suits Could Cost County Taxpayers Tens of Millions," January 23, 1997).

Many of us are way past being disgusted and offended by Arpaio. His heinous actions and gloating demeanor are well documented in hundreds of thousands of words written in New Times over the years.

What I cannot understand is how a majority of my fellow voters can think that even minuscule criminal activity deserves the harshest treatment inside the jails. These citizens keep electing Arpaio because they believe that, no matter what atrocity he condones, he's doing a great job.

I can only hope that the jury in the Agster case will see the sheriff for the cruel administrator he is and give the victim's parents a very large financial award. My pipe dream is that Arpaio's dismal administration will become so expensive that taxpayers will vote him out in 2008.

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John Dougherty
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