Debra Milke Gets a Break, Richard Chrisman Gets Prison, and Much More

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  • Travis Ward gets 14 years in prison in three cases

  • Travis Ward was sentenced to 14 years in prison plus a lifetime of probation for three cases, most notably his meth-fueled ambulance joyride. Back in 2011, Ward hopped into an ambulance he spotted and drove away. That ambulance was at the scene of a fire in Phoenix. After trying to outrun police, Ward admitted to police that he didn't know how to drive, which was pretty apparent, given the more than $300,000 worth of damage he did on the way. Police said he attributed his theft to doing a lot of meth. A jury found Ward guilty of one count of theft, one count of theft of means of transportation and two counts of criminal damage. Court records show the other convictions were for aggravated assault, and sexual assault.

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