Derek Anderson Still an Arizona Cardinal. It's Friday. WTF?

It's no secret that Arizona Cardinals failed quarterback Derek Anderson is getting the heave-ho from the team, the only question is when.

ESPN's Adam Schefter, a "reliable NFL insider," predicted earlier this week that Anderson will be cut from the Cards before the week is over. Schefter predicted linebacker Joey Porter will also get the boot.

Here we's Friday, and Anderson still hasn't been handed his walking papers.

It seems Arizona Republic sports reporter Kent Somers -- the victim of the QB's mid-season tirade, who probably won't shed too many tears when DA's kicked to the curb -- is a bit more of an "insider" than Schefter.

Following Schefter's predictions, Somers blogged about how Anderson's ouster would likely happen, just not this week.

From Somers' Tuesday blog:

Some teams have released veterans this week, but the Cardinals have no such plans, I'm told.

That doesn't mean it won't happen some time this off-season, but there is really no need to do it now.

Anderson earned a pitiful QB rating of 65.9 for the 2010 season, which isn't surprising considering he only completed 51.7 percent of his passes, only threw seven touchdowns to his 10 interceptions, and was sacked 25 times.

We'll agree with Somers that there's no need to give DA the boot right this second, but there are droves of Cards fans dying to pop open the champagne and celebrate the departure of the only guy in the NFL awful enough to make them miss Matt Leinart. 

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