Let Derek Anderson help you gay-out your friends.
Let Derek Anderson help you gay-out your friends.

Derek Anderson: The Latest Way to Gay-Out Your Friends on the Internet

Anyone who's been Rick-Rolled, or I'm-Watching-Gay-Porn-ed, knows it's easy -- if not for just a split-second -- to be tricked into feeling like a homosexual while watching something on the Internet (not that there's anything wrong with that).

You think you're watching an innocent, heterosexual clip, then it happens: The clip turns into something that implicates you as being involved in some sort of homosexual activity.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson is the latest source of such gay-outs.

As you probably know, Anderson went berserk on Arizona Republic sports writer Kent Somers following his terrible performance on Monday Night Football this week.

Now, someone in YouTube-Land is using Anderson's tirade to trick people into gay-dom.

The video claims it's about to show photos of a sexual encounter between Anderson and Somers, which obviously never happened. The video warns you that the images are graphic, and anyone uncomfortable with such homo-erotic imagery should probably stop the video. If you don't stop it, you're hit with a "LOL Your Gay."

Check it out below:

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