Desert Diva Client List Hurt Republican Fundraising Efforts; Possible AG Candidate Lays Off Campaign Manager

A fundraiser for potential Attorney General candidate and Anthem Republican Sam Crump was spoiled last month by the release of the infamous Desert Divas client list, according to Crump's now former campaign manager Jeremiah Wilson.

Wilson was canned by the Crump campaign earlier this week because the campaign couldn't afford to keep him around.

Crump has refused to take public money for his campaign and is trying to raise the money privately -- it's not going so well.

"Fundraising is a real chore right now, that's not a secret" Crump tells the Arizona Guardian. "If you know anyone right now who's making money let me know; I'd like to talk to them."

A major hurdle for the Crump campaign, according to Wilson, was the timing of the release of the Desert Divas client list last month. Even more damaging than the timing, however, was one of the names on the list -- Mike Williams.

Williams is a Republican lobbyist who had organized a fundraiser for Crump last month that was expected to bring in close to $20,000 for the Crump campaign.

However, Mike Williams' name and former business address appeared on the highly publicized list -- a bit of a no-no for any moral Conservative.

Needless to say, the fundraiser was a bust.

About how much was lost? Wilson tells the Guardian, "I'm not going to say how much, but it was significant."

Crump says he plans on hiring Wilson back to the campaign if and when he can raise enough money.

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