Did Jeff Flake's Apple Fall Far From the Tree?

In case you missed it, Republican Senator Jeff Flake's 15-year-old son has made a whole lot of racist and homophobic comments on the Internet.

In addition to using words like "faggot," "Jew," and "beaner" on social media, Tanner Flake's handle in an iPhone game was "N1ggerKiller."

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Between folks we've talked to about it, and people commenting on New Times' blog posts, there seems to be a lot of debate over whether the teen got this kind of mentality from his pop, and if his dad's responsible in some way (speaking of which, this kid better come up with one hell of a Father's Day Present).

If parents were to blame for every stupid thing ever done in the history of teenagers, then most parents in this country are total assholes.

However, a kid's parents aren't to blame for everything, and there are instances where it doesn't look like the kid's picking up his dad's attitude.

For example, Flake seems to be making a legitimate effort as one of the leaders for immigration reform, while his kid is at home on the computer spouting off about "beaners."

What do you think: did Flake's apple fall far from the tree?

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