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Family members say Virginia Span has given up. She no longer drives. She no longer reads.

"I am just sitting," she'd said during the interview, "waiting for the next day to come."

Pete underlines his family's roots in Arizona as if these terrible events could not befall people who have worked so hard for so long.

Jerry and Darlene had already spent five days in jail and now the government expected five more? Not on your life. Get your witnesses, we're going to trial.

Jurors thought the marshals lied and that they had indeed attacked the Spans.

Smirking at the memory, Marshal Dains recalled how repulsed he was by 74-year-old Bill Span.

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"She was a very elderly individual and it was fairly easy to get the camera," the marshal said.

"They said she was lying, they was threatening her, all kinds of threats, and they was acting just like maniacs."

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"They had their backs turned to the marshals when the marshals blindsided them. Darlene and Jerry never knew what hit them."

"I'd have tried to kill them if it had been my mother."

"The fat one held her while Dains tried to rip the camera out of her arms."

Judge Broomfield's reading of the law is that the Spans' duty was to submit like sheep.

"I left the trial just sick," says one juror. "I could not sleep."


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