Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Don't Worry, Folks: Santa and His Machine Guns Are Back in Scottsdale

In case anyone was worried, we can indeed confirm that Santa (yes, kids, the real one) will be back at Scottsdale Gun Club this year with his machine guns.

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According to the shooting range's blog, the jolly fat man will be there on November 17 and December 2. They also upped the price five bucks over last year.

As you may recall, this same event last year ended up being a really successful publicity stunt, with most of the news coverage apparently reinforcing a thought that everyone in Arizona's a hillbilly -- like the guy who told ABC News, "Our kids have never touched guns. The little ones have never touched guns. Not until they are 5 years old..."

Arizona is the "Colt Single-Action Army Revolver State," after all -- and the location of a mass shooting involving a congresswoman, and where the federal government gave guns to people to bring to Mexico (some of which were lost, and some of which were found at crime scenes).

Welp, happy holidays.


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