A Little Downtown Phoenix Magic: The Lone Drummer on a Saturday Night

This past week was too depressing to write about. North Korea. Nuclear missiles. Charlottesville, Virginia. White supremacists. (Just say it Mr. President: White. Supremacist. Terrorists.) Oh, yeah, and Paul Manafort, and FBI raids. Almost forgot about you.

But who wants to relive all that? Instead, I'm going to take us back to late Saturday night, August 5, a couple of hours before the week began. For both of you who read to the end of my last column, I finished my night in downtown Phoenix walking alone on First Street, north of Roosevelt Street, until I encountered a solitary drummer, Gabriel Herrera.

Drummer Gabriel Hererra with the lights of downtown Phoenix behind him
Drummer Gabriel Hererra with the lights of downtown Phoenix behind him
Courtesy of Fokal Pointe

There was a crew from a local production company, Fokal Pointe, making a video. They needed somewhere quiet to film — and where better than downtown Phoenix on a Saturday night?

Of course, the battery on my iPhone had died, so I had no record of this happening until the filmmakers Steven Schulak and Taylor Smith of Fokal Pointe sent us their finished video.

So forget about everything that happened this past week and just enjoy this little bit of downtown Phoenix magic.

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