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DREAMers Besiege ICE, Six Arrested for Acts of Civil Disobedience

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"They chained themselves to the building, symbolizing that our community is tired, and we will no longer tolerate ICE separating families and deporting them," she told me.

Later that night, more activists stopped a bus carrying people on their way either to be deported or detained further at another ICE facility.

"Four people got in the front, two people got in the back," said Rivera. "The two in the back were arrested."

The pair were cited and released by FPS after FPS determined that these demonstrators, like the four before them, did not have criminal histories.

"It's part of our call to Congress," Rivera stated. "We want Congress to pass immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people in the country."

Rivera said the action was part of a nationwide push by activists for immigration reform and was not a direct response to ICE's raid on the Danny's Family Car Wash Chain of a few days ago.

After a press conference in front of ICE this morning, the DREAMers will be at a town hall in Mesa, featuring Arizona's four Republican U.S. House members: Paul Gosar, Trent Franks, David Schweikert, and Matt Salmon.

The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform package in June, but far-right nativist GOPers in the House so far have successfully blocked consideration of a CIR bill.

Earlier, ADAC released a statement hailing those arrested as heroes.

The release identified the first four arrested Wednesday as "DREAMer leaders" Yadira Garcia and Francisco Luna, Maria Castro of UWD's National Coordinating Committee and Alejandra Sanchez, a mom of DREAMers and of U.S. citizens.

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