DREAMers Rape Kids and Old People, According to Local Bigot

Stand With Arizona, one of the largest anti-"amnesty" organizations in existence, gives its followers three talking points to use today as Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are in Mesa touting immigration reform.

One: McCain and Flake abandoned border security. Two: The Senators should stand with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Three: Tell the media that thousands of American children and elderly people are raped and murdered by DREAMers.

"Talk about the thousands of Americans raped, murdered and victimized by 'Dreamer' illegals -- including the many children and elderly brutalized by illegals in the past month alone," Stand With Arizona executive director John Hill recommends.

The linked text -- you know, where the evidence is supposed to be -- goes to a Breitbart story about a Texas teenager being murdered by an "illegal alien."

We were unable to find any first-hand news account of the convicted murderer being a DREAMer -- typically meaning a person who was brought to the country illegally as a child -- nor were "thousands" of similar cases mentioned. We did see that the murderer, from Belize, had been found unfit to stand trial -- like Governor Jan Brewer's son, after his indictment for the sexual assault and kidnapping of a Phoenix woman.

The evidence that DREAMers are raping "many" children is also non-existent. There's a link to one case, in Texas.

"Juan Lozano Ortega, 25, and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez, 26, have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child," Hill wrote at the time on Stand for Arizona's website. "Both men -- Mexican nationals (what else?) are currently being held in the Travis County Jail on immigration detainers."

There's no mention of their qualifications as DREAMers.

Hill continued, "As we have repeatedly exposed on this page, America is awash with Mexican pedophiles who target our children."

As for the rapes against the elderly, again, there's one case, and it's in Nebraska.

The suspect "speaks only Spanish, and is employed as a roofer," Hill points out, in bold type.

Again, there's no evidence that the suspect is a DREAMer. One local news story says, "Authorities had not released Martinez-Perez's immigration status as of late Thursday morning."

A local TV station says the family of the victim heard from a detective that the suspect "has been in the country for about four months." That would mean he's certainly not a DREAMer.

Basically, every part of Hill's claim about DREAMers being rapists is bull, and is less credible than chain e-mails claiming purported evidence that President Obama is a Kenyan witch doctor.

But, hey, person with nothing to do at noon on a Tuesday, repeat this lie to anyone who asks.

P.S., we couldn't help but notice the advertisement we found on every page of the Stand With Arizona website:

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