"Drunk Canadian" Begs Cops at Sky Harbor Airport to "Taser" Him, Tries to Fight a Woman, and Breaks a Cop's Ankle; Oh, Yeah, It's on Youtube

A Canadian man was arrested at Sky Harbor International Airport after going into what seemed to be a drunken rage that left a Phoenix police officer with a broken ankle and Youtube viewers howling as the man -- while wearing a Castrol motor oil T-shirt (classy) -- tried to fight a woman.

The fracas began unexpectedly on February 15 about 9 p.m., when the Canadian, Stephen Walter Tait, 49, became angry while waiting at the airport's A4 gate.

According to Phoenix police, Tait assaulted a male victim for no apparent reason and then went into an F-bomb filled tirade that was dutifully captured by a witness and posted on Youtube.

So much for Canadians being polite.

As you can see on the Youtube video, the man asks airport staff to "Taser" him and when the say they didn't have Tasers, he yells, "Why? 'Cause we're not in Canada?"

A woman watching the altercation suggests to the man that he "[go] back to fucking Canada."

That's aboot the time the shit hit the fan.

Tait then pointed his finger in the tiny woman's face, backing her into a corner saying, "You're next."

Continuing his Canuckian fit, Tait then invited the woman to "bring it fucking on."

"It" was then brought "fucking on," but not by the foul-mouthed woman, rather the Phoenix Police Department.

Still begging to be "Tasered" -- and at this point killed, too -- Tait was taken to the ground by a Phoenix Police Officer.

While on the ground being handcuffed, begging to be "Tasered," Tait calls the officer a "macho man," as his face was being introduced to the airport carpet by the officer.

A few F-bombs later, Tait was in custody but not before causing the arresting officer to break his own ankle during the scuffle.

The arresting officer says Tait was probably drunk at the time of the incident, but the Phoenix Police Department couldn't confirm that to be the case.

Tait, as you probably already guessed, was arrested. He was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest charges. He has since been released (just in time to watch the Canadian hockey team get beat down by the American squad in Vancouver last night. Can anyone say Oooo Ca-na-da!).

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