Drunk Scottsdale Chick Steals Cab, Hits Four Parked Cars, and, Of Course, Gets Arrested

When you're too drunk to drive, it's a great idea to call a cab. However, if your plan is to steal the cab, crash it into some parked cars, and then try and run from police, you may want to consider another ride home.

Try telling that to 24-year-old Genevieve Pflug.

Pflug, who police say had been drinking, was seen just after midnight Monday arguing with her boyfriend near 6th Avenue and Scottsdale Road.

The drunken Pflug then decided to catch a cab.

After Pflug got into the back of the cab, she seemed to have a change of heart as the cab began to drive away, prompting her to jump out.

When he saw Pflug jump out of the back of the car, the driver of the cab stopped, got out, and tried to help the drunk woman back into the vehicle.

That's when Pflug decided to start playing a real-life game of Grand Theft Auto.

With the driver out of the car, Pflug jumped into the driver's seat and drove off at a "high rate of speed," police say.

In her escape, Pflug smacked into four parked cars while behind the wheel of the cab, before the car came to a stop near 7345 Third Avenue.

Pflug wasn't done yet.

After stopping the car, Pflug jumped out of the vehicle and ran from the scene.

Pflug was quickly met by Scottsdale police a few blocks from where she ditched the taxi. She was then arrested and booked on counts of auto theft, aggrivated driving under the influence, drug possession, and hit and run.

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