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Dumbest Idea of the Week: Andy Thomas, Secessionists, or Holly Solomon?

There were a lot of strange ideas proposed this week around the state, like the Governor Jan Brewer's thought that she can run for a third term -- even though the state constitution says two -- and Joe Arpaio's declaration that he's distributing automatic weapons to deputies because too many people are running from them.

Some of these ideas, though, are just plain dumb: a disbarred and disgraced former county attorney thinks he could become governor, thousands of people want to see Arizona secede, and a woman ran over her husband with her car because she thinks he's responsible for President Obama's re-election.

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For this morning's poll, vote for the dumbest idea of the week. Here are your three candidates:

  • Andrew Thomas

Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew "Candy Andy" Thomas, who was disbarred earlier this year for abusing his power, is thinking about running for governor. According to the county GOP, Thomas "is considering running for Governor. He can be reached at (602) 803-1586 (cell.)." Even Republicans are asking if Thomas is delusional, even though they already know the answer (see: Andrew Thomas carrying around wood).

  • Secessionists

A whole bunch of jackasses (more than 21,500) think Arizona should be allowed to secede and start its own government. It took us about 10 minutes to think of a few ways that would never happen -- ever. However, if it were to happen, New Times readers voted to call it the "Republikkk of Dumbfuckistan."

  • Holly Solomon

Mesa resident Holly Solomon thinks it's her husband's fault that President Obama was re-elected last week, because he didn't vote. Not only does Solomon, 28, have a thorough misunderstanding of our nation's electoral system, she also ran over her husband with her car because of this, according to Gilbert police. "According to Daniel, Holly believed her family was going to face hardship as a result of President Obama's re-election," Gilbert police said. Her husband may be permenantly disfigured because of this, according to the cops.

So, which one of these ideas was the absolute dumbest?

Cast your vote below:

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