Dylan Wroe Applied to Work at a Gilbert Dollar Store, Then He Allegedly Robbed It

Note to brothers Dylan and Joshua Wroe: allegedly robbing a 99 Cents Only store was a bad idea.

First, did either of you consider that filling shopping bags full of the store's merchandise might not be the most valuable heist? Let's say, approximately 99 cents per item? Second, for Dylan Wroe, did you consider the fact that you just turned in a job application to this very store?

Even if they did consider those factors, Gilbert police say that's what the brothers did Saturday morning, as employees reported two men in their 20s going in the store, filling reusable shopping bags with merchandise, and attempting to leave the store without paying.

Police say one of the brothers pushed over and hit the 64-year-old store manager, who tried to confront the two on their way out of the store, while three female employees who came to help out their manager were assaulted by the other brother.

The brothers eventually left, and police were able to pick up 22-year-old Joshua Wroe shortly after their arrival, since he was hanging out at a Goodwill store in the same little strip mall as the 99 Cents Only store.

Dylan Wroe, 20, wasn't found until later, but Gilbert police Sergeant Jesse Sanger says the store manager was able to identify him -- apparently from the recent time Wroe tried to apply for a job.

The Wroes were jailed on aggravated robbery charges.

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