Escaped Inmate and Incestuous Fiancee/ Cousin May be in Arkansas. How Fitting?

An escaped Arizona prison inmate and his fiancee have reportedly compared themselves to Bonny and Clyde, and they seem to be living up to the comparison. We'd argue a better comparison would be to the Hapsburgs -- because the two are cousins...and they're engaged...which is gross.

So where better than the dirty south to take their inter-family romance, right?

According to the U.S. Marshal's Service, they may have done exactly that -- and robbed a beauty salon along the way.

Casslyn Welch and her would-be cous-band, escaped prison inmate John McCluskey, have been linked to the armed robbery of a salon in Gentry, Arkansas -- some 1,600 miles away from the Montana town in which they were last spotted over the weekend.

The two are believed to have robbed the Kut and Curl beauty salon in Gentry this morning. The Marshals are waiting on surveillance footage of the robbery to confirm that the two who robbed the salon are McCluskey and Welch, but authorities seem fairly certain it was them.

Welch's mother lives in the area and witnesses describe the two who robbed the salon as fitting the description of the love birds.

Authorities believe the two have changed their appearances, saying McCluskey has dyed his hair black and is rockin' a black beard, while Welch has reportedly dyed her hair blond.

Anyone with info on the whereabouts of the cous-friends is asked to call 911 or the Arizona Department of Corrections at 602-542-1212.

And, without further ado, the "wedding" scene from Natural Born Killers (the Knox's, however, didn't have the same grandparents).

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