Ethnic Studies Equals Politically Conscious Latino Students -- Which is Exactly Why Its Enemies Want to Kill It

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This recalls the days when some slaves had to learn to read in secret, because the their masters forbade it.

Not an exact analogy, but close enough.

As I write this, the Arizona Department of Education is preparing to release an audit of TUSD's MAS program, for which Huppenthal has ponied up $170,000. Many believe the audit will give him the cover to seek the program's elimination, something Horne sought by decree but that Huppenthal has wavered on implementing.

There's also a federal lawsuit brought by Tucson attorney Richard Martinez on behalf of TUSD teachers and students, which makes a convincing legal argument that the new ethnic-studies law is vague, overly broad, and unconstitutional. Martinez is close to filing a motion asking the judge in the case for summary judgment.

And school's almost out for the summer. This means more students to raise more hell over this repulsive attack on their education. The backlash already has begun.

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