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Ethnic Studies Revolt: Banned Book Caravan To Barnstorm Tucson

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Things continue Saturday, with a breakfast celebration of El Battalion San Patricio, a unit of deserters from the U.S. ranks of Irish descent who fought on Mexico's side during the Mexican-American War. 

Afterward, there will be a Latino Cultural Congress, followed by a Latino literature teach-in. And all of it will be fueled by a "Libros Libres Taco Truck," which will "distribute copies of banned books throughout the city." 

You can check out the schedule for the caravan, along with other info, at librotraficante.com.Tucson Weekly's Mari Herreras recently did an interview with Diaz you can read, here. And as always, there's plenty of info on the struggle to save MAS at saveethnicstudies.org.

The sour white men who think they've achieved something through anti-brown bigotry in this state are destined to be uprooted and cast aside. They are yesterday's men, a throwback to a darker age in American history. Save Ethnic Studies, and Libro-Traficante represent the future. 

Kudos to Diaz for this funny and inspiring idea. The haters can't handle humor. And we sure as hell know they don't like to read.

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