FBI Agent Said Jared Loughner Made Graffiti Used by "Christian Anti-Abortion Groups"

The thousands of pages of documents recently released in the case of Jared Loughner's murderous rampage, which left six people dead and injured 13, make one thing certain -- Loughner exhibited some very strange behavior.

In another example of this, a Pima County Sheriff's Department detective wrote in his report that a FBI Agent told him that Loughner had previously been caught making graffiti "associated with Christian anti-abortion groups."

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Really, that statement just makes Loughner's 2008 arrest in the graffiti case more confusing.

The arrest was apparently reported for the first time two days after the 2011 Tucson shooting, by the Arizona Republic's Dennis Wagner.

The Republic cited the Marana police reports, which said that someone saw Loughner take a marker to a street sign, marking it with a symbol containing the letters "C" and "X."

"I asked Loughner the meaning of his moniker. He stated that the 'c' meant Christian and the 'x' also meant Christian," the officer wrote, per the Republic's 2011 report. "The officer drew the moniker in a police report, noting next to it in parentheses, 'As personally written by Loughner on my field interviewing notebook!'"

That doesn't exactly make sense, but that was about all the detail provided, as Loughner completed a diversion program and the charge was dismissed.

In the documents released this week, a detective reported working with a pair of deputies and an FBI agent, looking into Loughner's history as they prepared a search warrant.

"[The FBI agent] related to me there had been a contact with the Sheriff's Department where suspect Loughner had been creating graffiti, possibly spray painting graffiti in a symbol [the agent] indicated to me he believed to be associated with Christian anti-abortion groups," the report says.

There's nothing else said about the graffiti incident, but that section of the detective's report goes into the "five or six reports" from the Pima Community College Police Department in 2010, one of which was related to Loughner and abortion.

One of the school's deans reported to police a teacher's concern about Loughner responding to a classmate's poem about abortion.

". . .Loughner had made comments in the class about abortion, wars, killing people, and 'why don't we just strap bombs to babies,'" the police report says. "[The dean] said that Loughner has a 'dark personality' and is kind of 'creepy' and they had resolved to just keep an eye on him."

Still, a later report by Aubrey Conover, an "Advanced Program Manager" at Pima College, described talking with Loughner about his in-class abortion comments.

"He said that the class had been talking about abortion, which made him think of death, which made him think of suicide bombers, which made him think of babies as suicicde (sic) bombers," that letter states. "We talked about how you need to give context to you (sic) statements, especially when deal (sic) with emotional issues. Jared said he would not say anothing (sic) in class."

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