FBI Agents Uncover Details of Love Affair!? General Petraeus and Arizona AG Tom Horne Share Same Doghouse

Americans have been learning in the last few days of how FBI agents uncovered evidence of an extramarital affair of a top official.

The official, of course, is former CIA Director and U.S. Army rock star General David Petraeus, who announced on Friday he would resign his post after news of the affair surfaced.

But that story should sound awfully familiar to Arizona residents, who heard the same story recently about Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

The FBI, which comes off looking like the Sex Police in these two incidents, found out about Horne's affair while investigating a different matter, which is roughly the same way it discovered Petraeus' infidelity.

In the case of the general, the FBI had been checking into a complaint that Petraeus' biographer Paula Broadwell had sent harassing e-mails to another woman. Agents found evidence of Petraeus' affair after searching through Broadwell's e-mail account.

The G-men were looking into alleged campaign-finance allegations by Horne when they figured out he was having an affair with AG's office employee Carmen Chenal.

"Horne is having an extramarital affair with Chenal and they utilize Chenal's apartment for the furtherance of that affair," says an FBI report.

An FBI agent told Phoenix police that, "He was driving someone else's car, crashed and left the scene of an accident, having some rendezvous with Carmen in her apartment. That's not ethical, that's not honest, that's slimy."

While Petraeus has stepped down, Horne hasn't acknowledge publicly the reported facts about his affair with Chenal, much less resigned.

Horne pleaded guilty on November 2 to a charge of hit-and-run in the above-mentioned accident. He faces up to $1.5 million in penalties for the alleged campaign-finance scandal. Yesterday, the Arizona Daily Star called upon Horne to resign.

Petraeus has shown Horne, his doghouse buddy, what people with honor do in similar scenarios.

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