Federico's Mexican Food Offering Free Burritos for That Whole Bloody-Diarrhea Outbreak Thing

Now that the dust has settled from the "bloody diarrhea outbreak," Federico's Mexican Food will be offering free burritos on Monday.

You can get your burrito at only one location -- the one where Maricopa County health officials believe an E. coli outbreak sickened 74 people, who ended up with the aforementioned bloody diarrhea.

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-"Bloody Diarrhea Outbreak" From Federico's Sickened 74 People, Officials Say

The outbreak came only from the Federico's location in Litchfield Park, and health officials attribute it to a certain kind of E. coli bacteria: E. coli O157. That restaurant location voluntarily closed but will be serving free burritos for Mexican Independence Day, which is on Monday.

The company apparently hired the "Queen of Clean" -- some sort of TV personality who cleans things -- as a "cleaning consultant" for the restaurant. She'll be there for her free burrito, too.

She created a video explaining how she bleached the shit out of everything in the restaurant, so everything should be good now:

A food-safety law firm filed a lawsuit against the restaurant's parent company, on behalf of several of the people sickened. One of the men allegedly had what was described as "grossly bloody bouts of diarrhea," which doesn't sound good when combined with the concept of "free burritos."

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