Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, April 5, 2012


Babeu deserves everything bad: The gay Green Lantern ("Hypocrite Tripper," Stephen Lemons, March 22) . . . Now that's classic!

I hope Babeu has a power ring like Green Lantern's, 'cause he's going to need it to get out of the mess he's gotten himself into.

And being gay myself, I find it totally hypocritical that he's suddenly trying to play himself as a crusader for homosexual rights. What a load of shit!

Here's a right-wing sheriff who did everything in his power — including siccing his pitbull lawyer on his spurned [former] lover — and now he wants us to believe that he's going to change minds in Washington about gay people if he gets elected to Congress.

Like that's ever going to happen! This opportunistic clown is done politically. And, as much as I hate the racist, homophobic voters in [Congressional District 4], Babeu deserves every bad thing that's coming his way.
Frank DeMint, Phoenix

Sheriff an embarrassment to LGBT community: Thanks for the story. Yes, while reading this, I was making comparisons to [the discredited] DeSisto School that Babeu once ran ("Babeu's Suspicious Past," Monica Alonzo, March 8; see full Babeu coverage under "Babeu Revealed" on our website).

Babeu's an embarrassment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

He's not going to stop. He's completely delusional.
Eleanor Holguin, Tempe

The world's other gay border hawk chimes in: So what else is new? Dirty bird [Stephen Lemons] still is a homophobe. (Read more about this Mexican-flag-burning reader on our website in "Burn, Baby, Burn!" February 15, 2007.)
Laine Lawless, Mesa

Keeping heat on The Ridiculous Booboo: Thanks so much for keeping Paul Babeu in the news! I'm sure he and his political handlers (pun intended) think that this will blow (there I go again) over.

So it's up to you, New Times, to keep the hot plate [burning under] The Ridiculous Booboo. So far, so good.
Jack E. Gentry, Phoenix

No compassion for gay people: Paul Babeu is [a hypocrite] on so many levels, and I hope you will expose how many before this is over. But for him to be mistreating his own kind, LGBT [people, who happen to be] inmates in his jail, truly is criminal.

Not that he really cares about gay people, anyway — except, of course, the ones he's getting laid by.
Roger Stephens, Apache Junction

Babeu loves only himself: As [Lemons' column] illustrates, Sheriff Babeu truly cares about exactly one homo in this world — himself!
Marybeth Russell, Tempe

You don't mean it, Mark!: Joe Arpaio, [formerly] Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer, and now Paul Babeu . . . How lucky we are, as Arizonans, to be able to say that these towering figures of intellect and compassion are our elected representatives for all the rest of the civilized world to admire.

I mean, really!

Here we are, celebrating our 100th year of statehood, and, based on our elected government, we never should have even become a state! We'd have been much better off as a federal territory for all these years, as it becomes more and more evident that Arizonans are not mature enough to govern themselves.
Mark Michaels, Cave Creek

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