Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tell us how you really feel: I just finished reading "Get Out." I couldn't agree with the author more. His message that the rednecks in Arizona should just go fuck themselves was made most elegantly. (And great caricature on the cover of the intellectually challenged Jan "Governor-by-Accident" Brewer. The lady makes former VP Dan Quayle look like Einstein.)

So much bullshit is coming from the right that I'm choking on it. Despite what these racist ignoramuses say, we need sane immigration reform, not this enforcement-only approach that the federal government has half-assedly taken. It ain't fucking working!

There has to be amnesty for hard-working, smart, contributing-to-the-system Mexican immigrants. The DREAM Act, allowing the brightest and most patriotic Latino youth to become citizens, must be realized. What is it, anyway, with the right-wing retards who [don't want to] even let young people who are willing to get shot at in Iraq, young people who can become doctors and engineers, stay in this country? Fools, you are not helping our nation with your racism against these smart, educated, patriotic young people who were brought here by their parents when they were children.

I see the lying sack of shit John McCain going against what used to be his principles and acting like a cracker motherfucker. Here he is on his TV commercials, wearing a silly cap and acting like he's just one of the stupid sods who hate Mexicans. I used to have respect for him, but he's nothing but [a] sellout, trying to out-knee-jerk J.D. Hayworth.

I digress. Something must be done. And I'm happy [U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton] had the cojones to at least throw out crucial parts of Senate Bill 1070, one of the worst laws ever written. One final note: There never would've been a 1070 had the federal government not abandoned Arizona and other border states to peckerwoods like [SB 1070 author and state Senator] Russell Pearce. Rational policies should've been in place so there would've been no need for the likes of him.
Jim Byron, Phoenix

What exactly is wrong with a heart that bleeds?: More than once during this painful read did I set the paper down and laugh out loud at the misinformation you so proudly provide. This is the kind of ignorant bias fed down our throats by you bleeding-heart liberal, illegal-immigrant supporters.

Next time, do your homework on how many millions of dollars Arizona taxpayers shell out each year to pay for benefits we don't qualify for, and then maybe you will understand why illegals don't belong here.
Jarrod Reger, Gilbert

You're right — we might not call the police in that case: Your response to "What part of 'illegal' don't you understand?" is simply, "Why, none of it, sir. None of it at all."

Don't want the facts and law to get in the way of a good tear-jerking piece, huh? Have you ever considered that you might gain some credibility by dealing with issues like facts and law head-on? Let me guess — you were one of those little kids who put their hands over their ears and shouted "la, la, la, la, la" when someone said something they didn't like. You're still doing it.

Perhaps you haven't heard the example of the guy who leaves for work in the morning only to come home and find his house broken into. The inside of the house has been cleaned and painted, the broken disposal fixed, the lawn mowed, and dinner is waiting on the table. He finds out who broke into his house and says, "I'm calling the police." The intruder says, "But look at all the nice things I did for you."

Bottom line: He broke into the guy's house.

Yes, something has to be done to try to let the "illegals" make amends — a fine perhaps, paying back taxes, paying current taxes — which the majority won't do. And because our country is based on laws and government, yes, it is politicians and not magazine writers who will fix the problem.

As soon as the rule of law can be put aside with "sorry, I don't understand" (which is why, by the way, that ignorance of the law is not a defense in this country), you won't even be able to write your column.
Errol Shifman, Phoenix

You mean an open mind might help? Dang: This entire matter is not about anything other than the visceral fear white Americans have that they will soon be outnumbered both numerically and politically by those who are not descended from white northern Europeans. It is purely racial and little else.

By the way, I am Swedish and German in ancestry, but my maternal ancestors were officers in George Washington's Army in the Revolutionary War.

Those of us with some experience outside the continental U.S. and with different [nationalities], languages, and cultures have no such visceral fear. It is high time that a little tolerance replaces the peasant gossip that now prevails in Arizona.
Willard W. Olson, address unavailable

Thieves who contribute billions to the U.S. economy: Maybe if we called illegals thieves, Americans not living on the border might get the point that this is not a victimless crime.
Jason Sutterfield, address unavailable

Hey, we know some white fuck-ups with office jobs!: I don't feel it's the Mexicans' fault, what's going on. The SB 1070 law focuses on every brown-skinned person, suggesting they're criminals. That's BS!

My family has been here for 19 years, and not once have we broken a law. We're hard workers and will take any job so we can provide.

White people like to hire Mexicans because we're not lazy sitting-on-our-asses-at-the-office types. We get the dirtiest, hottest, back-breaking jobs done. There needs to be amnesty for hard-working people like us.

I agree that not all Mexicans should get citizenship, only those who deserve it through hard work and intelligence.

We get accused of committing all the worst crimes, when the truth is that every race has its fuck-ups, and Mexicans don't commit any more terrible crimes than anybody else.
Name withheld

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