Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, August 25th, 2011


Of course they're a joke: What Joe Arpaio is doing with his sweeps always has been a farce, and your latest story just proves it once again ("Sizzling Deal," Uriel Garcia, August 11).

The truth is, Joe doesn't really give a good goddamn what happens to illegals once he collars them in front of TV cameras. He isn't an angry ideologue like soon-to-be-impeached state Senate President Russell Pearce (see "Eagle Scout," August 4, about the candidate who wants to replace Pearce). Arpaio's just an opportunist.

This is not to say that it's not highly ironic that folks like Carlos and Sandra Figueroa can work here legally only because Joe and his goons collared them.
Sam Haney, Phoenix

At least they're working: While these folks [in your article] are in the United States illegally, unless deemed otherwise and given permanent temporary status, they at least are working and not sucking off our government's teat — as so many born-here citizens do.

It's good to see [these formerly undocumented workers] paying Social Security and income taxes and supporting their children.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

We wouldn't say we're trying: Why is it that New Times tries to portray Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a corrupt racist or as just a hot dog who wants to get his name in front of the cameras?

The sheriff is doing exactly what we citizens what him to do — round up illegal-alien lawbreaker scum and send them to Mexico. To say anything else is just liberal bullshit.
Wade Smith, Phoenix

Just ignore the idiot: One of the main things all the news media need to do is stop reporting on anything Arpaio does. He is a media whore, and lack of attention will speed up the departure of the crooked, old windbag.
Jerry Klipsch, city unavailable

Laugh to keep from crying, you mean: I have to laugh at [statements] that New Times tries to spin Arpaio as a corrupt lawman. Arpaio, and Arpaio alone, is responsible for his corruption.

Joe Arpaio's days as sheriff are numbered, and I cannot wait until he leaves office kicking and screaming, just as his buddy Russell Pearce soon will do.

There are 60,000 outstanding warrants that Sheriff Joe doesn't want to mess with, and the crimes against children, well, heck, he doesn't want to touch that.

As far as Arpaio is concerned, the only activity his MCSO should be involved in is chasing dishwashers and landscapers.
Gail Mokry Shoultes, city unavailable


Try actually reading the story, Al: [Spanish immersion for white kids] isn't "all the rage," as you make it out to be ("Spanish Dip," Amy Silverman, August 4).

Many here in Arizona speak English — a language Hispanics do not wish to learn. Why do whites have to learn Spanish, yet we don't make them learn English? It's a sad state of affairs.
Al Such, Flagstaff

Nobody's making anybody learn Spanish, Lauren: It's one thing for parents to put their child in these schools. It's another thing entirely to make all kids in all schools learn it. It should be a family choice, not a government one.
Lauren Garrett, Phoenix

Um, there is no official U.S. language, Leyla: While I agree that learning a second language is an amazing idea, the fact is that English is the official language of America.

If I went to Mexico, they wouldn't teach all their children English to be able to communicate with me and my child, would they? Hell, no!
Leyla Forrest, El Mirage

Speak for yourself, Ken: Well, I hate to say it, but it's lib-tard propaganda at work again. Last time I checked, the official language of the United States is English, not Spanish.

I don't hate Spanish; I believe that those who come here should speak English. When I went to Germany, I spoke German. When I was in Mexico, I spoke Spanish. So why is it that we as Americans must speak Spanish?

Oh, yeah, I remember now, because we are all evil white people.
Ken Wittig, Phoenix

True dat (we looked it up): America has no official language. If that offends you, leave.
Kit Carson, Phoenix

Charles is okay with it: If you want to speak Spanish as a second language, I have no issues. English is the primary language in this country regardless of geographical location. As long as that statement holds up, I'm all right with this.
Charles Railing, Glendale

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