Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 15th, 2011


What does it tell you, Monica?: What is New Times' position on immigration, anyway? On one hand, you seem like an open-borders rag, and then you write an article proving how corrupt U.S. border-protection agencies are ("Gangster Rep," Monica Alonzo, December 1).

If you are happy about all the illegal aliens around here, then why do you care whether dirty Border Patrol agents let more of them in? Well, I guess you'd argue that this [story] isn't so much about Mexican [workers] coming over as [it is about] drugs and guns [getting brought in].

Did anybody else notice that the corrupt agents you profile all had Mexican names? Tells you something, doesn't it?
Monica Wells, Mesa

Border corruption must be stopped: No wonder our border situation is so fucked up! These poorly [background-checked] and trained agents proliferate in the agencies that are charged with securing our country.

The sheer amount of corruption that you documented in the Border Patrol is shocking. And yet safeguards aren't even in place yet. This issue must be addressed now, not whenever it is [politically expedient] for [President Barack] Obama.
Dan Staples, city unavailable

Blame it on the Tea Partiers: The problems [among Customs and Border Patrol] officers can be laid at the feet of the Tea Party, [whose members] screamed until they were red in the face that we had to have more border forces immediately — training and checks into personal histories be damned!
Name withheld


Lemons versus Brewer? No contest: Governor Jan Brewer is an idiot. That [Arizonans] have to endure her for two more years is a travesty ("Profile in Cowardice," Stephen Lemons, December 1).

The idea of her writing a book is purely absurd, and I love the way New Times takes her down. Though it's not much of a match. Lemons versus Brewer: Hmm, I'm going to go out on a limb and bet my house and car on Lemons in this one.
Larry Dembrowski, Phoenix

Jan was clueless about legality of 1070: Your New Times photo illustration [of Jan Brewer's head atop a scorpion's body] is unfair to really good scorpions everywhere.

[You stated:] "By signing [Arizona Senate Bill] 1070, she did not do the difficult thing, as she insists. She did the easy thing. She pandered to racism whipped up by hateful nativists."

[Indeed, this] action simply was the easiest and most politically advantageous to Mrs. Brewer's campaign.

Interestingly, it appears she really has no idea of the content or legality of the text of SB 1070. One can only assume that she simply doesn't care to actually know about a bill she signs into law — only about how it can be of advantage to her.

I am hoping one of those scorpions [she claims to eat for breakfast] stings her soon.
Tommy Collins, Phoenix

1070 was only a message to the U.S. government: Common sense went out the window with this article. People will use anything to support their cause. Simply, SB 1070 sent a message to the federal to government to get off [its] rear end and do something about the immigration problem.

I think you have the argument about 1070 all wrong. The conservatives want illegal immigration, or something would have been done in the past 20 years about the inflow of illegals. Conservatives like the inexpensive labor.

The liberal cause should be standing up for the citizens of this country, [supporting] taking care of our own.
Mateo Nelson, city unavailable

And it was a failure: So SB 1070 was just about sending a message to the federal government? Well, even by that measure, it is a complete failure. Are we reduced to passing unconstitutional laws to send messages?
Chad Snow, Peoria

How so, David?: This article [on Jan Brewer] sounds to me like pure racist, pro-illegal-immigration, liberal propaganda.
David Stutz, San Benito, Texas

We never get tired of it: Although I agree about Jan Brewer's inability to communicate, lack of intellectual capacity, and ambition sans merit, I do get tired of New Times' (and, yes, Mr. Lemons, this time I mean you) need to vilify, mock, and deride.

I hate it from the right; I hate it from the left, as well. Civility is lacking in our governor, but does it also need to be lacking in our journalists?
Richard Blackmore, city unavailable

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