Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 29th, 2011


Disbarment — even jail — seems reasonable: This is one of the most pathetic stories I've ever read: This woman has thrown away a respectable career to marry a Mexican Mafia member she can't even have sex with ("Fool for Love," Stephen Lemons, December 8).

But it's also scary that she was in a position to help this scumbag through her legal prowess. She needs to be disbarred immediately. This is so far beyond poor judgment that Carmen Fischer should probably be in a jail cell herself.
Lisa Malcolm, Phoenix

What is she getting out of this?: You can't make up a story like this: Respectable middle-aged Valley attorney weds New Mexican Mafia shot-caller (and I mean this literally, since he apparently put out hits on people).

What was she thinking?! She can't even be with her bad boy in the sack. Conjugal visits aren't even allowed. He's getting a lot, in that he can use her to carry out his evil plans. But what's she getting out of this? Maybe just being able to say she is Mrs. Angel Garcia? Such an honor! Pitiful.
Rick McGainey, Phoenix

You sure they're laughing?: [Carmen Fischer's] cohorts down at the law firm are now laughing at her desperation, immaturity, and unprofessional conduct, and she may lose her job if she doesn't cut off this lust drama with this greasy, tattooed gangster. She is another naive victim of a jailbird hustler.
Name withheld

What an old hustle: Mexican boys and men always go for mature, older white females. This is nothing new.

Getting conned by a convict [is] an old hustle. If it doesn't work, they move on to the next female and try again. [Angel Garcia] is a little boy inside and wants [Carmen Fischer] to be his loving mommy.

If [Fischer] wanted to date a real bad boy/man, she would date a free-on-the-streets local member of the Hells Angels.
Name withheld

Shank this punk: The Mexican Mafia are the real guys, not this cholo hombre. This guy is a wanna-be who couldn't make the grade in the real thing.

[What's happened is] the Mexican hicks locked up over there in New Mexico started a puppet club called the New Mexican Mafia. They are posers. Real members of the "La eMe" are not allowed to date Anglos. They can date only Latinas. This punk needs to be shanked for breaking the rules. He is a race traitor.
Name withheld


True angels of mercy: The people you profiled in "Lost and Found" are truly angels of mercy in a heartless world (Paul Rubin, December 8). We owe this band of selfless do-gooders financial support and endless respect.

With the safety net all but disappeared in Arizona, more and more homeless will be dying. We must help them do what government won't and save as many human beings as possible.

Thank you for this article and for the others in your series on mental illness in our state.
Paula Spencer, Phoenix

This is very true: How we react to this story tells a lot about who we are as a society and a people.
Wendell Johnston, Phoenix

A former homeless man weighs in: The only thing that saved me from my 12 years of homelessness was that I turned 62 and started receiving my Social Security [benefits].

This wasn't much, but it was regular. I had learned frugality on the streets.

During the nine years since then, I have managed to parlay my meager income into a nice apartment, a car, a computer, and a pantry full of food. I am extremely grateful for all the agencies that helped me along the way.

I am also grateful to public libraries for rescuing me from the elements and allowing me to pursue intellectual interests.

I know what homeless people go through in hot climates. I feel a sense of pride every time I hear about another brother or sister who finally got themselves off the street. Even though I know they still have a long way to go.
Ron Clowney, Phoenix

Anonymous lacking in humanity: Social workers make a fine living "helping" people like Russ Jefferson.

Of course, the hundreds of thousands of tax dollars spent on Russ over his lifetime won't produce anything of value other than keeping social workers and whoever supplies Russ with whatever he is addicted to rolling in dough. Society would be better off letting Russ starve to death and taking the money it would have spent on him to fund the educations of promising youth.
Name withheld

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