Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 7, 2010


A damn disgrace: What is the process for throwing this buffoon Joe Arpaio out of office, and why hasn't it begun yet ("Is Nothing Sacred?" Paul Rubin, December 24)? Same question with regard to County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who is so deep in Sheriff Joe's hip pocket that sexual innuendoes begin to emerge.

What a disgrace these two clowns are to our county!
Frank Tilley, Scottsdale

Lies and damn lies: What gets me in all this are the embellishments of Joe Arpaio and [Deputy County Attorney] Tom Liddy.

With dramatic and dishonest indignation, they still attempt to defend the totally indefensible action by Detention Officer Adam Stoddard (and Stoddard himself) by trying to besmirch the professional reputation of defense attorney Joanne Cuccia — the victim of Stoddard's wrongdoing.

They loudly repeat the lie to an uninformed public without one shred or hint of evidence to substantiate their slimy words, when they know full well that Stoddard didn't have a wooden leg to stand on.

Shortly after Judge Donahoe's seven-page ruling was released, I read and digested it. He thoroughly examined the facts and the law in this matter and Stoddard's actions could not be justified. Liddy knows this.

But then, in lockstep with [Arpaio and Liddy], toady Stoddard perpetuated the lie, also effectively said "piss on the judiciary," played the role of martyr, and told the public he "could not apologize to the defense attorney because he could not lie." Incredible!
Name withheld

More out of control than ever: So let me get this straight: This cocky little prick Stoddard doesn't have the wherewithal or the brains to become a sworn peace officer but unilaterally anoints himself an investigator and expert on Mexican Mafia operational tactics?

And then [this detention officer] has the gall to defy a court order from the chief criminal judge in the face of overwhelming visual evidence that he acted illegally?

The Mentally Challenged Sheriff's Office (MCSO) is way more out of control than any of us thought.
Chad Snow, Peoria

Didn't realize East Coast, fast-talking Italians got free passes, Tom: There sure is a lot of innuendo and speculation about Adam Stoddard's motives in this article. I don't think any of you are qualified to judge why Stoddard did what he did or his motivations beyond what he testified to.

The man was doing his job protecting the courts and the jails from what he interpreted as misconduct. Had this been some 99-year-old grandmother on a parking ticket, I'm sure things would have played out differently.

However, this scumbag [the defendant in court that day] was a violent illegal alien who had shown a pattern of violent behavior both in the jail and out.

It's unfortunate, but more than one lawyer has been caught with [his] hand in the cookie jar in Maricopa County, and Joanne Cuccia is not above suspicion. Just because she's some East Coast, fast-talking Italian doesn't mean she gets a free pass.

New Times makes me want to vomit. You're all garbage.
Tom Mears, Phoenix

Unconstitutional, fascist acts!: These filthy thugs have made a mockery out of law and order and have got to be stopped before there is no one left to stand up to their unconstitutional, fascist acts!

[Joe Arpaio and Andy Thomas] perpetuate the idea that tyrants rule, not only in Arizona but over our whole country. As long as they are allowed to violate the law and the Constitution in their officially elected positions, we can say nothing to Iran, China, Russia, and the Taliban.

I did not come home to my native Arizona from serving in Iraq to see it happen all over again here in my beloved state! My comrades did not die for this.

Filthy thugs, step down now. You can only jail and kill so many of us!

County Attorney Thomas, you call yourself a Christian. How can a supposed Christian violate the laws of God by bringing false witness against fellow citizens? You are breaking the tenets of your own Christian beliefs!

President Obama, why do you act so concerned about human rights in Iran and in the Middle East when you will not address violations of human rights and the Constitution right in Maricopa County, Arizona?

This is hypocrisy on the highest level.
Leonard Clark, Phoenix

Can't-miss lawsuit: Great piece. It is simply amazing how bizarre this state is getting when it comes to such foolishness. In my opinion, it all starts (and usually ends) with Joe Arpaio.

One question: In light of all that went on in the case, will Joanne Cuccia consider a lawsuit because of her own defamation, especially when [Thomas' deputy attorney] Liddy says her reputation "will be examined" — even after a judge clearly stated that she did nothing wrong?

Not that Arpaio and his goons seem to worry much about lawsuits, but this one seems like a can't-miss.
Dan Ronson, Mesa

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