Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, July 12, 2012


1070's living on borrowed time: Stephen Lemons hit it out of the park again with his analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on [Arizona Senate Bill] 1070 ("Pyrrhic Victory," June 28).

The way he made fun of our dunderheaded Governor Jan Brewer was hilarious. She made a moron of herself by declaring victory, when it's clear that the high court had huge doubts that the "papers please" portion of 1070 could withstand a focused challenge.

As Lemons proffers, it's only a matter of time until 1070 is a legal goner, which means that Brewer — as usual — has made a fool of our state.
John Welch, Phoenix

Your racist roots are showing, Steve: You people at New Times are traitors to the white race and should be driven out of our country at gunpoint, along with all the Mexicans you [defend].
Steve Johnson, Phoenix

Governor gets "finger" this time: Thank you for this very informative article. It shows how extremist, racist Governor Brewer is trying to build a "wall of hate" around Arizona and how she just got "the finger" back, indirectly, from our president.
Leonard Clark, Phoenix

Brewer looks like 40 miles of bad road: Congratulations, New Times! Your cover image of Jan Brewer made her look as bad as, well, she actually looks.

The only thing that would have improved [the illustration] would have been to show her with some knocked-out teeth — befitting her cracker intellect — along with the shiner.
Toby Blanks, Tempe

Tea Party members and their dirty minds: I'm sorry, but I must point out that New Times has used an offensive term to describe Governor Jan Brewer and those of us who are behind SB 1070 — "teabagger."

Do you people at New Times know what [the term] means? Shame on you for resorting to an ugly sexual slur against true Americans who are trying to rid the country of dirty Mexicans for the betterment of us all.
Martha Sage, Goodyear

Thanks for clearing that up, Allison: I don't mind a person [writing] an article, whether it disagrees with my views or not. But to use a sexual innuendo to describe a group of people you don't agree with politically is just plain rude.

I would hope you can see the value of good and professional journalism. Writers should not be fanning the flames of hatred with name-calling.

I don't know if this is normal for your publication, but trash talk makes me not want to read anymore from New Times to find out.

A "teabagger" is a slang term used to describe a person [who] puts his balls in someone's mouth.
Allison Chandler, Peoria

Telling it like it is: "Teabaggers" about sums up the trash who support SB 1070. [The term is] accurate, because they (metaphorically, at least) like deposed state Senate President Russell Pearce's balls in their mouths.

It's hilarious, though, how much these troglodytes hate the term and go crazy whenever somebody mentions it. They take themselves so fucking seriously, which makes it easy and so much fun to pull their chains!

Bravo to your publication for over and over and over and over again sticking it to these thin-skinned hillbillies!
Robert Blair, Tucson

We see what you mean, Robert: "Teabaggers"? What does a perverted sex act — used vastly by left-wing nuts — have to do with this travesty of our nation's sovereignty?
Roger Guiles, city unavailable

Guv's an "embarrassing idiot": As Lemons writes, the war over 1070 isn't won — yet. But it soon will be, which makes your depiction of Jan Brewer with a black eye so dead on.

When 1070 is demolished by future legal challenges, I hope you depict her beaten to a pulp. What an embarrassing idiot!
Beth Henderson, Tucson

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