Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, July 19, 2012


Serving constituents? What a concept: It may take another decade to come about, but radical change is coming on the political landscape. And that change is going to entail lots more Latinos getting elected to office in Arizona ("Law of Attraction," Monica Alonzo, July 5).

In fact, I'm going to predict that, in 10 years' time, you will have difficulty [getting elected] to a citywide office in Phoenix unless you are Latino or cater to their concerns.
Delores Cooper, Tucson

Cheer upmaybe it'll be a white drunk: I feel like I'm out of place sometimes because I speak only English. Soon, the wetbacks will vote only for the brown race. Perhaps I'll get hit by a brown drunk, die, and won't have to think about it.

Brown is brown, and that's all they want. No white, no English, no problem. They will vote whites out of office and put [somebody with] brown skin in. It's going to happen. No one can stop it. [Latinos] smile when whites talk about this happening.
Bruce Shelton, Phoenix

Wait, voting is good?: The audacity of these illegal-alien kids proselytizing Latino citizens to cast ballots in the coming elections! Seriously, this is America at its greatest.

We allow even non-citizens to freely go door-to-door and round up voters. We allow even undocumented people to try to change their situations at the ballot box. Ours is truly a free country.

To say that there is [anything wrong with] what these young people and other Latino-rights groups are doing is patently un-American.
John Summers, Phoenix

There's a point in here somewhere, but the cognitive dissonance hides it: I get the impression that being of Mexican descent, I'm supposed to feel proud of Monica Alonzo's statistics claiming Latino voting power.

On the contrary, it fills me with shame to know that "my people" share so much of the blame for electing traitors like [President Barack] Obama and likely will be unconscionable enough to repeat the same offense in November.

The vast majority of these subversive separatists are baptized Catholics who have betrayed the faith (not to mention endangered their very souls) by voting for such pro-abortion scumbags.

I love mariachi music and tamales as much as any Mexican, but when one realizes that mojados and their pinko sympathizers view my country as nothing more than a carcass to feast upon, [it] makes me shudder with embarrassment.

I do have to admit, however, that we Hispanics provide a service to America — like, say, ensuring permanent job security for correctional and law enforcement personnel throughout the Southwest.

Chicanos are merely serving as useful idiots to divide and conquer our nation. We all know deep inside that Mexico would never tolerate a gringo alien invasion imposing its language and foreign culture on her own turf.

Alonzo bitches about the "decades-long assault on the minority community." Oh, grow up and kiss [goodbye] your pity pot of victimization. She and her clenched-fisted rabble are a bunch of ingrates who don't appreciate how well they have it.

Like somebody once said: "I believe in equal rights for everyone — even white people."
Gonzalo Martinez Celaya, Phoenix

When do we want it? Six years ago: The big picture? We need to have responsible immigration reform, like what Congress was debating in 2006.

The decision to deport and use attrition . . . is morally wrong, and it is against everything being American stands for.

It [contributed to] the foreclosure crisis, the Great Recession, and our new national deficit — all of which began in January 2008.

Hardworking immigrants gladly [aided] America and were the foundation of our strong economy. Their hard labor supported other American jobs. Many millions of these good, hardworking undocumented immigrants [did this] for nearly 30 years.

This is their home. They came here undocumented because there is no line for poor, working-class immigrants [to get into the United States]. Period.

They have become part of the fabric of our society. Most of them have legal-citizen children and families. This great nation of immigrants was built [with] far better values than to rip apart good, Christian families and deport parents away from children!

This is America's darkest hour.

Alex De Tocqueville [wrote]: "America is great because it is good; when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."
Nicholas Daves, city unavailable

Maybe that's why she keeps walking around: If [the girl featured in "Law of Attraction"] is here illegally, then she shouldn't be allowed to do anything. Now that we know where she is, she should be picked up and deported.
J.B. Prewitt, city unavailable

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