Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, July 8, 2010


Martin in the Middle: Hey, here's a title for a new hit TV show: Martin in the Middle. Maybe Frankie Muniz's career could be reprised. And his girlfriend could have an actual one. Martin's got a way with words; he might even be able to be the show's writer/lead actor.

Seriously, Cizmar, this is hilarious stuff! This could be like The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm, only funnier. Submit a few episodes to Hollywood, Marty. I'm sure, if it can't be a sitcom, somebody will take it as a reality show.
Tim Zell, Los Angeles

Elycia's a drama queen extreme: I had a similar experience with this little twit, Elycia Marie. She's a drama queen extreme who needs a reality-check to the face.

She posted numerous pictures from my MySpace page and proceeded to fling numerous insults via comments on blog posts about my physical appearance.

I'm a DJ with 106.7FM KWSS, an independent alternative station, and someone who could have helped her. Instead, her immaturity got the better of her.

If Mr. Muniz is really looking to flourish in the music scene in Phoenix, he may want to re-consider his choice of publicists. He should learn now and should have learned already: You don't mix business with your woman.
Tatty Talia, Phoenix

Blacklisted is an understatement: Very interesting to see this "Twit Wit" story. Coupled with this woman's performance, I can say that as far as media are concerned in Phoenix, Frankie Muniz and his "lady" (if you could even call her that) are finished. Blacklisted is an understatement.
Michael Quintana, Phoenix

Who gives a you-know-what?: Frankly (no pun intended), who cares? [Frankie's] girl is kind of hot, though. I'll be her "nemesis."
David Saint, Phoenix

Stick to music in the music section: It's hard to believe that Frankie Muniz and his pitiful little gal pal get any ink anywhere. He couldn't be more a has-been. In fact, he's a never-was.

What I don't get is why Martin Cizmar just didn't blow them off like everybody else has. Why give them any fame by writing about this little feud? New Times should be above that.

Martin, here's a clue: Stick to writing about music in the music section, and don't bore us with your trite battles with a self-important dingbat who's sleeping with a short, wanna-be musician/loser ex-TV actor.
Tamika Bell, Phoenix

No one ever wins: Maybe this story will help Elycia grow up. Picking a fight on the Internet? Arguing online is like the Special Olympics — no one ever wins, and when it's over, you're still retarded!
Name withheld

No one cares about Frankie's band: Poor little Frankie Muniz. No one gives a turd about you and your band. Has anyone seen Frankie lately? He somehow shrank; he can't be taller than 4-foot-11.
Name withheld

Just got blasted: The whole thing is weird. Sounds like Malcolm's chick just got blasted. Love the pre-op photo.
Name withheld

Love those delusional minions: I follow this girl on Twitter, only because her tweets are so ridiculous that my friends and I make fun of them. Some of her minions . . . are insanely delusional. It's amazing.
Name withheld

Says a lot about Arizona's lameness: After reading this article, I laughed a bit but was wondering who cares about this girl (who is a no one)?

Is Arizona so sad that we think these two are actually someone? I'm pretty sure if they walked in front of a line at the W, they would have him wait with the rest of the civilians. And in L.A., they probably wouldn't [get] in.

Martin Cizmar, Frankie Muniz, and Elycia Marie forever entangled. Everyone gets what they deserve!
Name withheld

Anyone else see the absurdity here?: Sorry, are we not recognizing the absurdity of this entire story? This is apparently a mid-30s professional woman who claims to work in public relations but is picking public fights with reporters akin to what a middle-schooler would do?

Don't PR people exist to make nice with media professionals? I [couldn't] care less about Cizmar and his lame column, and New Times. I can't believe I just spent 10 minutes reading blather about Frankie Muniz!
Name withheld

Get a life, Martin: Okay, after reading this article, three things are more then clear: Martin is jealous of Frankie Muniz. Martin fights like a girl. [And] Martin is far from a professional anything.

Dude, get a life. You broke a promise, got your feelings hurt, talked smack, and got dealt with. Grow up a little. Nobody cares about your feelings. Readers come here to learn about bands and music, not about your narcissism.
Name withheld


How many cops would still be alive?: Yet another criminal who ought to have been born to ravage a different country. This is not news. This is typical of Arizona and California because there is no security on the border.

Murdered Phoenix police Officer Travis Murphy was killed because of no border security. If the murderer would've been born in his mother's country of origin and language, and if his mother hadn't had the opportunity to break our laws, Officer Murphy would be alive.

How many of our law enforcement public servants would be alive today if illegals were not extended the ridiculous welfare benefit of legitimizing their unending offspring?
Name withheld

Remove emotion, legalize everything: Sloppy police work, plus laws preventing police (the ones who're awake) from detaining you unless you've committed a felony, plus drug violence. Check, check, and check.

SB 1070 was inevitable. Arizona reminds me of a drunk with clinical depression. Once the drunk is sober, he's still a pain in the ass to live with.

Take emotion out of the equation, legalize everything, and put Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the cartels out of business in one move.
Name withheld

Chilling knowledge: What a well-written story. Sad and chilling to know that there are murderers on our street, passing by in cars or on foot, free for years and years, while families continue to mourn.

What a shame for Smiley's daughter. I wonder if she knows the truth about her father, or if he sends money to support her.
Name withheld

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