Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 14, 2012


Getting fed up with the Bible thumpers: Cathi Herrod and her homophobic [Center for Arizona Policy] constitute a blasphemy on our state ("Homophobic Group Killed AZ Bullying Law," Matthew Hendley; also see "The Gay Selma," Jessica Lussenhop, both June 6).

And that the Arizona Legislature listens — kowtows — to this Bible-thumping loon tells us all we need to know about our Teabagger Republican [state lawmakers].

I'm part of a growing number of Arizona Republicans who are fed up with imbeciles like the self-righteous Herrod dictating the fate of our state. She and these extremist lawmakers are making fools of us, and we [GOPers] plan to speak at the ballot box.
Mason Thomas, Phoenix

But who will cast the first stone?: Cathi Herrod and her apostles should be taken out and stoned for corruption of the American system and [for] violation of church-and-state boundaries.
Cameron Lewis, Phoenix

Crazies are driving away real Republicans: Ever heard of separation of church and state, Arizona Legislature? The very idea of killing the bullying law because it "might" cause kids to go gay!

For starters, this is an absurd [idea]. And, furthermore, you are not allowed to stick moralistic religious principles up the ass politic. You're driving away Republicans like me in droves with this kind of absurd crap.

And, in this instance, you're hurting innocent children, and we won't stand for that.
Beth Glasgow, Phoenix

Of course they don't: This nonsense about "turning kids gay" and "not exposing [homosexuality] to them" is zealot behavior, as well as against what Christianity is supposed to stand for: tolerance, treating others how you want to be treated, and compassion.

It's hypocritical, and [people who think like this] do not represent real Christian values.
David Saint, Phoenix

A right to not be harassed: Every person has a right to an education free of harassment. That is where the line is drawn.
Tracy Frank, Chandler

Cowardly legislators to blame: It's easy to blame Cathi Herrod and her ilk, but the fact is, Arizona legislators went along with her. [They are the] same legislators elected by the public — so who's really to blame?
Trajan Saldana, city unavailable

Don't think so, Lors: What about the concept of free speech? "Bullies" may be jerks, but until they slander, libel, or physically assault, are they not just loudmouth jerks?
Lors Avakim, city unavailable

Devon thinks he's "normal": I will change my position on same-sex "marriage" if the same-sex camp will agree to the following:

No gay-agenda education in grades kindergarten through 12, no trying to change children's organizations like the Boy Scouts, no schools named after [slain gay San Francisco Supervisor] Harvey Milk, no adoptions by gay people (children eligible to be adopted already have a bad start in life, so give them a break), and stop attacking free speech (normal folks shouldn't be attacked for expressing opinions).

Stop redefining words — "gay," "marriage," "bullying," and "bigot" are distorted and [their true meanings] need to be restored. Stop attacking religion (most religions have on their books that homosexuality is bad, but that is freedom of religion), stop public-bathroom sex (this high-risk behavior isn't only dangerous for your types but annoying inconveniences for us normals), and see your doctors regularly (the Centers for Disease Control has concerns about your population).
Devon Taylor, city unavailable

Paul thinks he's making a statement: Homosexuality must be a mental illness because you people friggin' don't seem to know how to cope in society! What, [did] Daddy and Mommy kick you out, and now for the rest of your miserable little lives, [you expect] the government to replace them?
Paul Martin, city unavailable

But we don't have courageous legislators: Cathi Herrod is a terrorist.

You do what she wants, and when she wants it, or she will kill your political career. That's her threat. That's the terror her name evokes when whispered in the halls of the Arizona Capitol.

If we had any legislators with courage, they would tell her we need to fix the economy, immigration, unemployment, tort reform, and other issues before we worry about how to impose radical religious beliefs on non-believers.

Her actions condemn her. Her actions condemn our state.
Name withheld

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