Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 21, 2012


Take it to the streets!: The escalation of civil disobedience that you mention is coming! We have waited too long for a rational [solution to illegal immigration]. As Stephen Lemons' and Michael Lacey's articles note, things only have gotten worse for brown people ("Crossing the Line," June 7).

As the United States has progressed from conservative President George W. Bush to moderate/liberal President Barack Obama, as you point out, deportations have increased. And civil rights violations of Latino citizens have increased, too.

Now the Supreme Court is poised to make it open season on anybody who even appears to be Mexican. We must take it to the streets!
Gerardo Hinojosa, Phoenix

Actually, harassment is its intent, sir: I commend the [Supreme Court] justices on their comments. This is a very serious matter that must be dealt with. No more sticking your head in the sand and hoping it will go away.

As for harassing those who belong here, that is not the intent of [Arizona Senate Bill 1070]. It's to sort out those who need to go and those who can stay. If [immigrant] families are split, they have brought this upon themselves.
Stephen White Sr., Phoenix

Forgetting what the country stands for: It's appalling that Supreme Court [justices] would even ask about harassment and its side effects — namely racial profiling.

Is illegal immigration a problem? Yes. However, reacting in a manner that potentially deprives [brown-skinned] citizens of freedom [by upholding SB 1070 is] not only irrational but against everything our country is supposed to stand for.

With all the great minds in our great country, is [1070] all we can come up with as a solution [to illegal immigration]?

Congress — well, the GOP — doesn't want to overhaul the system and institute real reform. We know, because every time a bill related to the issue is presented, GOP members shoot it down in a ball of flame.

[To those who] use the term "alien invasion": Did you forget how our country came about?
David Saint, Phoenix

Doomed to repeat: "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

What happened the last time inhabitants of this country let illegal immigrants flow in as much as they wanted? We took it over!

And if we allow Mexico to take over the United States, where are Americans supposed to go? I don't think Canada would put up with millions of Americans sneaking across their border every year.
Eric Carr, Phoenix

What happens with rednecks in charge: The United States has allowed [nativists] to drive the [agenda on] illegal immigration for so long that the only thing that will get the attention of the Obama administration is revolution.

The rednecks here have only themselves to blame for this! Driven by racism, they refuse to consider any rational solution to the immigration problem. Even the DREAM Act (a no-brainer) offends them.

This is America for you: We let a bunch of uneducated trailer trash [scream] that the highly educated children of the undocumented — whom we desperately need to become [the likes of] doctors and engineers — don't belong here.
John Hinkle, Phoenix

Feel free to exit the country: The Supreme Court will end this noise soon, and there isn't a damn thing anti-American La Raza supporters can do about it. We won! Feel free to exit the country if you don't like our laws!
Peter Clark, Phoenix

Strive for work-visa program: I agree that our legal-immigration process needs to be streamlined. Too much bureaucracy! A good work-visa program would be a great accomplishment.

[But] even though our process needs modernization, this does not make illegal entry okay. It is just as right for a hungry homeless person to burglarize your house as it is [for Mexicans] to jump the border.
Sam Fox, city unavailable

Government simply is increasing its power: I find it incredible that people are so absolutely blind. SB 1070 isn't about immigrants, it isn't about brown people, it isn't about security — 1070 and every law it will spawn is about power.

The government that everyone claims to hate and distrust simply is increasing its power. Sure, [1070 is packaged] as securing the country and [it's] shopped out by appealing to the basest side of people's personalities. [The truth is that] the law allows anyone of any color to be questioned, made to produce "papers," when stopped by police.

If you believe that any politician has your interests at heart, you deserve to live in the prison camp that this country is becoming.
Trajan Saldana, city unavailable

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