Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, March 22, 2012


Former DeSisto student won't go quietly: I am not into politics or confrontation. However, I felt I had to speak up when I found out that [Pinal County Sheriff] Paul Babeu denied knowing what was going on at DeSisto School in Massachusetts ("Babeu's Suspicious Past," March 8; also see previous stories and blog posts on our website under "Babeu Revealed").

I am the former student mentioned [by name] in the story, and I fear that Babeu will do to Arizona what he did to us. It seems, according to records, that [the Congressional candidate in District 4] is treating his prisoners the same way we were treated (see Stephen Lemons' current column).

I would have spoken up when he was running for sheriff, but I was not living in Arizona at the time. I just wish Babeu would be a man and 'fess up.

It's ironic that he will talk about every other issue thrown at him, but he will not talk about DeSisto. All statements have been through lawyers.

I will not stop [speaking out] until he is stopped.
Melissa Burech, Deer Valley

More disgusting than Joe? Hmmm?: Nothing is wrong with being gay! [What's wrong is] Paul Babeu's manipulation and apparent sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student while headmaster of [DeSisto] School, where parents paid $65,000 a year trying to help their children get well.

This sheriff is much more disgusting than [Maricopa County Sheriff Joe] Arpaio, because of his constant lies and smarmy manipulation of everyone he is in contact with — obviously all to cover up his dysfunctional attempt at humanity.
Teo Bueno, Tucson

Babeu doesn't quite measure up as a leader: Why, for heaven's sake, [are you] whining like a spoiled brat, Paul Babeu? You took a big old nasty dump in your own mess kit of credibility, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Your "political enemies" are way too busy laughing their asses off to expend energy dogging you. And why should they? You appear quite capable of sinking your own political boat.

You say you're gay, and that's why you're victimized. Come on, who cares if you're gay? The year is 2012. Being gay isn't a crime. Being stupid, however, might well cost you votes.

I sleep better at night [knowing] that those representing us in Congress [and up] are smarter than me. Likewise, I prefer that these individuals have better judgment, higher moral standards, more experience, more wisdom.

You, Mr. Babeu, have clearly demonstrated that you don't quite measure up.

Posting racy photographs of yourself on the Internet is not a crime. However, I doubt you would be voted "Smartest Guy of the Year" for such dumb-ass moves.

And being romantically involved with a foreign national should not bar you from public office. But, considering your hardcore stance on immigration and [Jose] Orozco's actual immigration status during your involvement with him, you [are subject to being called] a blatant hypocrite.

If you did, in fact, threaten him with deportation, you must have had some knowledge of his deportability.

Was it okay — in your book — [to harbor an illegal alien] because of your romantic involvement?

You, my friend, are in a world of shit!
John Adkisson, Phoenix

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