Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 3


Romney won't discuss his lies: "American Parasite" (Pete Kotz, April 19) is a must-read for anyone considering a vote for [Willard] Mitt Romney, especially for voters judging [Romney] on his business experience. Romney won't even discuss his multiple lies anymore!
Mark Green, Phoenix

Only one option — Libertarian Party: Great job on "American parasite" Mitt Romney. Now, how about a [story] on the "American parasite" Barack Obama, who, for the most part, uses taxpayer funds, money borrowed from China and other [places], and devalued currency from the Federal Reserve to accomplish his ventures?

When it comes to the cancer of Democrats and Republicans, Americans again [will] have the lesser of two parasites — or evils — to elect as president this year. For those like me, [we] again will throw away our votes on the Libertarian Party candidate.
Earl Zarbin, Phoenix

That's the big question, isn't it?: If [Mitt Romney] can heartlessly and dishonestly mislead and destroy businesses and peoples' whole lives in a quick swoop, without any conscience, what is the real fate of the United States if he takes over?
Cassity Gianopoulos, Peoria

Actually, that's three questions, Neil: Just one question: Was Mitt Romney the only decision maker at Bain [Capital]? Should he just take the fall for everyone because he is running for president? Yes, he made money, and lots of it. Isn't that the American dream?
Neil Wouters, Glendale

Brilliantly destructive, maybe: You have written a piece of shit. You apparently know little, if anything, about business, profit, and loss and the birth and death of businesses every day. Mitt Romney was brilliant.

You remind me of the anti-North American Free Trade Agreement people, like Barack Obama, who rejected efforts by the United States, Mexico, and Canada to merge into the mightiest economic unit the world has ever seen. Certainly, some people lost jobs in the [NAFTA] process — an average of 50,000 a year for the first 10 years — but how does that compare to the 20 million American jobs created in the six years between NAFTA's birth on January 1, 1994, and January 19, 2001? It doesn't.

So a few people lost their jobs at a South Carolina paper company. How does that compare to 90,000 jobs at Staples that Romney nurtured as investor and a member of its board of directors for 15 years?
Raoul Contreras, San Diego

A vote for Mitt is a vote against yourself: This is the man Republicans run for president? I guess that as long as you hate Obama, you're okay [with this]. Romney will do the same thing to the country as he did to the peoples' jobs [mentioned in the article].

Anybody who isn't rich would be a fool to vote for this man. You would be voting only against yourself and your own best interests.

However, the racist idiots would rather see him finish what George W. Bush started — destroying the country. [With] eight more years of Republican rule, the GOP would self-destruct and take the [nation] down with it.

Then, there would be just the extremely rich and extremely poor.
James Witherspoon, Chicago

Mitt, the ultimate anti-worker: With the record that Romney has behind him at Bain Capital, no one can deny that he is a true conservative, and with his attitude toward workers [back then], I guess the Republican Party will welcome Mitt with open arms.

However, [he] is very disappointing to me. As a retired American master mechanic, I am afraid that I cannot support Republicans in the November election.
Bill Garlits, city unavailable

A new word for y'all — "conservunist": Republicans, like Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul, [were/are] conservatives. They [argued that] only the free market will determine financial winners and losers. Willard Mitt Romney is not a conservative. Romney, like Ronald Reagan and Dubya, are conservunists.

Conservunists (a word I created to explain their financial deceptions) are defined by their borrowing and spending, bestowing the profits on themselves and their friends, and leaving the rest of us taxpayers with the bills. The bills being higher taxes or a lower standard of living. Does the Great Bush Recession sound familiar?

In other words, they capitalized profits and socialized losses. Romney bought profitable, healthy companies ("winners," according to the stock market) with borrowed money and gutted them of wealth, leaving employees and taxpayers with the financial ruins.

Beware! In Willard, I smell a rat.
Daniel A. Dubois, city unavailable

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