Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 19, 2009


What good are these prosecutors?: It's appalling that U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke can't get it up to go after Sheriff Shithead. What the hell good are these goddamn prosecutors if they won't go after the MCSO Mafia in their own backyard?

What's the point of electing a Democratic president if all we get are Janet Napolitano's leftovers? Ugh. Lemons is correct. Worthless P.O.S. prosecutor is what Burke is.

Barack Obama would've been better off making Rick Romley U.S. Attorney instead. As he's a Republican (like David Iglesias), maybe he'd actually do something!

David Banner, Glendale

Not a peep from the feds: This really brings into question how much evidence the federal government needs before it quits pretending and actually steps in.

I can't help comparing it to the Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich scandal. We have much better-documented evidence of corruption here, yet we don't hear a peep from the feds.

They ignore it when Arpaio targets high-profile political opponents and ignore it when he targets activists.

What is happening to America? Does Barack Obama hate Mexicans so much that he will let Saddam Hussein Arpaio do whatever he likes?
Don Williams, Phoenix

When they finally fall . . .: When Joe and his crew of criminals finally fall, it will resound around the country.

The fact that he and his thugs (paid and volunteers) have been able to get away with their crimes for so long should shame the Maricopa County power structure.

When the IRS forensic accountants get through with this gang, none will be walking the streets again. Wonder which prisons they will inhabit?
Teo Buneo, Tucson

Please wake up soon: I cannot believe that this happens in America. This sheriff needs to be put in jail — most of his deputies, as well. I would pay good money to see that!

Although it seems absurd that this could happen here, I guess that is why it is so possible. Most people think it is just kooks saying this and that, and it just can't be true. I hope they wake up soon.

I was hoping a professional lawman would win in the last vote and clean up all these power-hungry jerks in the Sheriff's Office. I guess we can only hope that someone will actually do something in these investigations.

Before more people are hurt by this disgusting excuse for law enforcement we have called Sheriff Joe.
James Logan, Glendale

Wear down the evil old man: Great article. Media exposure like this, exploiting the truth about continuous corruption by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, will eventually wear this old, evil man down.
Alison Hicks, via the Internet

Cruise reference demeans everybody: Stephen Lemons: Referring to a prosecutor [as the man] who allegedly inspired pretty boy Tom Cruise's role in A Few Good Men demeans the Navy, David Iglesias, humanity, and dumb animals.
Chris Long, via the Internet

Amazing Guadalupanos: The people of Guadalupe are incredible! They amaze me with their courage to continue fighting against Arpaio's thugs.

I don't think I've ever seen such a great group of activists. They have so much heart and love for their town and for each other. Since April '08, the spirit of Guadalupe has gotten to me.

During the last sweep, William Robles was my partner observing [the MCSO's activities]. The man's got what it takes. He's solid, sober, and keeps a cool head at all times. He knows his rights and is fearless.

Andrew Sanchez keeps it together, too. He has what César Chávez had: the gift of truly listening to the people.

William and Andrew, don't give up.
Dennis Gilman, Scottsdale

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