Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 26, 2009


Uh, Joe's a politician, not a cop: We're sick and tired of New Times always bashing the best police officer we have, Joe Arpaio, and building up those who oppose his crime fighting. This only helps the criminal element.

That's why it was nice to see The Bird going against his norm and praising Phoenix police Lieutenant Heston Silbert, who sounds like he's just as tough as Joe.

New Times should spend more time praising tough cops and less time playing into the hands of criminals and Mexicans, who are often one and the same — whether they're citizens or not.
James Higgins, Phoenix

We're not "anti-police": New Times doesn't publish "anti-police" articles. The paper has been highly critical of the MCSO, but even then, some writers (e.g., Stephen Lemons) have on several occasions bent over backward to note that the MCSO has some fine deputies, but a derelict and corrupt administration.
Emil Pulsifer, Phoenix

Swelling with pride: The MCSO's actions in Guadalupe are scary. Reminds me of the kind of police state that existed in Nazi Germany and that still exists in certain Third World countries.

Brave men like William Robles and Andrew Sanchez make me swell with pride as an American and as a Mexican-American. It is our people who are oppressed in this time in our history, like African-Americans were in the '50s and '60s. Heroes like these men are the civil rights leaders of our day.

I know that the Barack Obama has little reason to care about a state that went for John McCain in the general election, but a sizable number of us voted for him here, and we are oppressed by the evil forces that are allowed to run rampant in Maricopa County.

I can only hope that U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, even if he did work for our do-nothing former governor, Janet Napolitano, will have a change of heart and help us get rid of this tyranny.
Maria Ruiz, Phoenix

Prayers are with the resisters: Congratulations, William Robles, Andrew Sanchez, and others in Guadalupe for your courage. Your personal morals, love, and dedication to our town have inspired me, as well as others.

My prayers are with you. Stay strong and be brave. Have faith and continue to be excellent role models for others in a town who can no longer expect anything but terror from the MCSO.

Much of the good work you do goes unnoticed: graffiti-removal organizing, volunteering with the church, and community activities that keep kids safe, to name a few.

Your humble nature and hunger for justice will not go unrewarded forever. Have faith.
Name withheld

Shameful tricks from the MCSO: Fear has kept many politicians silent about Arpaio. They see what happens to others who oppose him and don't want their careers ruined.

Arpaio uses his thugs to terrorize a town and attempts to get others to turn on those who dare film and document him in Guadalupe. This old trick is shameful.

Soon, when MCSO employees decide they can no longer live being a part of it — or choose to roll over to save their own butts — perhaps it will end.
Name withheld

Who said we wanted to live in Mexico?: The whining from the pro-illegal immigration crowd continues. Stephen Lemons is the head cheerleader.

I guess we should all just ignore all the criminals streaming across the border and living among hard-working and law-abiding Americans?

New Times, I think you should all illegally emigrate to Mexico, where you can live the life you want, for all Americans.
Name withheld

Feds must act soon: This is truly sad. What do the feds want here? Another Watts riot? If they don't move quickly, they may get just that sooner then they think. Keep ignoring it, feds. The blood will be on your hands.
Name withheld

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