Feedback from the issue of Thursday, September 4, 2008


Thanks, new reader: I am new to the area and had never even heard of your paper before someone told me about your story concerning a chimp and a diabetic lady ("Felonious Monk," Paul Rubin, August 21). They live about three miles from me. I laughed a lot at the beginning of the story because of the way you wrote it, and then it got kind of serious. My bottom line is, why can't the government just make the woman promise to keep the chimp inside, until he reaches a certain weight, then return him to the sanctuary or whatever? What a waste of time and taxpayer money. Anyway, I enjoyed the story and the paper.
Sue Foster, Surprise

Let Joey and her keeper be: Joey is needed. He is needed by this woman for her safety and allows her to have freedom, privacy, and dignity in her life. We all know how necessary that is. Stop, all you officials, and place yourself in that young woman's place.

Would you choose a daily live-in caregiver that would take away your privacy or would you choose this well-trained, lovable "buddy" that gives this woman the care, support and privacy that she well deserves? Shame on all of you.
Claire Bickford, New River

Help for her; home for him: This woman is a nut. I'm Type 1 diabetic and it is by no means "debilitating." There is absolutely no reason why a diabetic can't lead a normal life without a chimp, for crying out loud. I just carry the sugar source with me . . . Hello! She needs professional psychological help, and the animal needs an appropriate home.
Name withheld


Products of the "panic culture": For those of you who are calling Betsy Schneider's photography pornography, I issue a challenge: Go see it for yourself ("The Daily Show," Amy Silverman, August 14). Then go purchase two magazines — one fashion and one pornographic. Critically examine the images and compare them to Betsy's photographs of her daughter. I think you'll find that it is nothing at all similar to what the uninformed persons of the "panic culture" are calling it. Also, ask yourself why the images make you feel uncomfortable — and then question the influences that cause you to think that way. Don't be a bleating sheep, screaming, "But what about the children!?" Schneider's kids are probably far better adjusted than the typical child, who's so full of anti-depressants and Adderall.
Name withheld

Sick and twisted!: Your publication is just as sick and twisted as the stupid lady who calls this art. You should have never published these pictures in your magazine! Your publication crossed the line, big-time! And I pray that someway, somehow, you're shut down!
Name withheld


McCain ignores energy independence: I thoroughly enjoyed Amy Silverman's "Postmodern McCain" (August 7). I only wish she had gone back a little further, to McCain's 1984 campaign for Congress.

That year, I had the pleasure of working for a gentleman and visionary named Harry Braun. Harry, who was Mr. McCain's Democratic opponent, had a comprehensive plan to convert the United States into a hydrogen-energy economy and turn Arizona into the Saudi Arabia of hydrogen energy.

Unfortunately for the United States and the state of Arizona, Mr. McCain, as demonstrated in his recent endorsement of increased offshore drilling, learned nothing from Harry's proposal for energy independence.

In my view, any voter who has the least bit of concern for the future of their children and grandchildren might want to consider this footnote to the history of Mr. McCain's political career when entering the voting booth this November.
Richard A. Smith, Phoenix

Poor Cindy McCain: Thank you for your piece. After the Saddleback forum and the answers that McCain gave, I started to question his sincerity and irritating bravado. Defeat evil? Does he even recognize that only God can defeat evil?

Your comment about Cindy McCain's drug situation is a big window into how McCain treats his women.

If he can lose his temper and use other people for his ego, I wonder what's going on in the privacy of his own home. I see Cindy dutifully standing by his side — rigid, devoid of any enthusiasm. What's going on? I feel sorry for Cindy for being used by an egocentric future president of the United States. God help us!
Josie Altarejos, Seattle

McCain in a silly straw hat: Please note that Ev Mecham didn't say or use the word "pickaninny." He instead defended an author who had used it in a book he had read and said he didn't see anything wrong with his using it in the context. Not exactly forgivable, but facts are facts.

I'm so glad to see someone finally talk about the Keating Five other than the New York Times, but where's the old file photos of McCain cavorting in those silly straw hats on Keating's island? I always thought they were just as devastating as Gary Hart's sitting with that gal on his lap on the good ship Monkey Business.
Steve Weiss, Phoenix

Embarrassed to be a Democrat: It's disturbing how downright cruel and hateful some Democrats get with their now-all-too-familiar smearing of opponents. Then, after they smear, they turn around and accuse the Republicans of the offense.

Smearing reached its zenith with Jim Carville and the Clintons, and now is the modus operandi for too many in the party. I'm embarrassed to be a Democrat when I read garbage like Amy Silverman's article.

I'm also not beholden to the party and will vote for who's best for the country, not for my party.

For the good of this country, quit the crass and divisive politicking and stick to the issues. Not doing so is a sign of a lack of intelligence. Unite our country!
Debbie Morgan, Mount Dora

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