Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, September 8th, 2011


Highlighted hypocrisy: Never has one of your stories highlighted the hypocrisy of right-wing Mexican-haters more than "Slim Pickins" (Monica Alonzo, August 25).

Because, if there's a shortage of Mexican labor to pick crops in Arizona, all the rednecks who complain all the time about Mexicans taking advantage of our great country need to get off their lazy asses and apply for these jobs.

I think we all know why they don't. Because the lazy shits would rather pick up their unemployment benefits — translated: welfare checks — than work in fields in the sweltering Arizona sun for honest wages.

Okay, Tea Baggers, I'm fine with that. Now, just shut the fuck up about how the illegals are stealing American jobs. Really, shut up! Now!
Hal Jordan, Phoenix

Dear, nativists: Take a flying leap: Since New Times has informed you that all these jobs are available, all you mostly unemployed nativists need to head out to the fields to pick watermelons.

Unless you're willing to fill the vacuum that's left from the labor shortage that you have caused by making things unpleasant for illegals in Arizona, please go take a flying leap into the Grand Canyon.

You'll be helping the economy and reducing the welfare rolls.
Johnny Herrera, Phoenix

Sarcasm from Coz: This [farm-worker shortage] shouldn't be a problem at all.

I'm sure all those who keep saying Mexicans are stealing our jobs will be lined up to pick crops in the fields, right?

Sure, they will. When hell freezes over!
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Bigotry is killing our economy: Yes, look what all the hatred has wrought!

This story is clear evidence that this state's unkindness and outright backward thinking about undocumented workers is killing our economy.

This is a major reason that bigoted ideologue Russell Pearce — who's done nothing but suck off the government teat in taxpayer-supported jobs all his miserable life — is about to become extinct politically.

We can no longer afford the moralistic bombast of soon-to-be-ousted [state Senate president] Pearce and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — to name only two of many around here.
Tommy Chapman, Phoenix

No effing way: There's no way that the pathetic, fat, lazy nativist rednecks I know could do what these hardworking Mexicans you profiled do. No fucking way!
Michael Perez, Tucson

Fat chance: Don't worry, folks. I'm sure that Governor Jan Brewer and Russell Pearce will be — any minute now — leading the charge of all the Senate Bill 1070 supporters into the fields to get us our grub!

Name withheld

Who's going to eliminate them?: Foreign criminals and their supporters like you will be cleansed from the United States.

Slave-based organizations like the farmers you talk about will pay legal wages or be eliminated. That is their choice.
Name withheld

Illegal farm workers help the bottom line: I worked the fields west of Chandler in the 1970s along with my friends from south of the border. I came from Iowa and was used to the work. It's, indeed, hard and hot. You get used to it, though.

I was impressed with the undocumented people I met — they all had interesting stories about their travels from their home villages to here. It wasn't like it is now, though. Most Americans welcomed the undocumented to work here.

The Real McCoys was a great TV show about migrant workers helping the gringos on the farms in central California. I'm ashamed of the bigoted a-holes out there who criticize these people and worry about them "leeching" off the system.

Believe me, they don't leech and don't intend to. According to most economists, they actually contribute to our country's bottom line.

Come on, folks. Realize you're just being manipulated [into hating Mexicans] by powerful interests who want to use your negative energy for their own nefarious purposes.
Name withheld

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