Fife's Myth

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Pollack cites ugly episodes that preceded Symington's criminal conviction: the impeachment of former governor Evan Mecham; the Keating Five scandal, featuring Arizona Senator John McCain and former senator Dennis DeConcini; the AzScam sting in which state legislators took bribes; the collapse of the state's savings and loan industry; and voters' rejection of the Martin Luther King holiday.

"We had all these disasters," he says. "Did it affect us one iota? No. The reason is they were all transitory events."

Arizona will continue to grow, Pollack says, until the quality of life declines relative to other areas.

"If you are coming here from Chicago, you still think this is heaven," he says.

But what about the political turmoil and the departure of Symington, the tax-cutter?

"Symington had to leave office in disgrace," Pollack says. "But the economy boomed when he was here, so nobody cares. If he was here when the economy was bad, it would have been different."

Symington's ouster, Pollack says, simply makes no difference.
"It's been a non-event for the average person.

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