Flip-Flopping John McCain Is No Political Profile in Courage

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As Schecter observes, McCain's "political calculus" never changes. The senator always is "moving, adjusting, re-sighting — aiming for the political advantage of one John Sidney McCain III."

Maybe McCain's act finally is wearing thin with the home crowd. The Behavior Research Center released a poll in April showing McCain with a mere 26-point approval rating with Arizonans.

McCain will be 80 in 2016, when he'll be up for re-election, assuming he runs. If he does, perhaps the maverick malarkey won't fool voters again.

Maybe Arizonans will recognize him for what he is, finally: a politician who (among other unsavory acts) whipped up hatred of Latino immigrants for political gain, a consummate political opportunist with no second thoughts about using the ugliest rhetoric to vilify society's weakest members.

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