Florida Governor Charlie Crist Pushing for Incentive Package to Lure Cubs to Naples; Does This Guy Ever Give Up?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist can't seem to take a hint.

Last week, it became clear that Mesa was the Chicago Cubs top choice for their new spring-training facilities. On Monday, the Mesa City Council approved an $84 million plan to build the Cubbies a facility. All that's left is for the Cubs board of trustees to approve the plan -- which it is expected to do -- and we got ourselves a deal.

But Crist won't back off.

In the past, Crist has taken jabs at the Phoenix area -- our foliage, our climate -- but now he's trying to put some money where his big mouth is.

Crist told reporters this morning that he is trying to push legislation for an incentive package to try to woo the Cubs to Florida, the St. Petersburg Times reports.


Crist is trying to get the Florida Legislature to okay $15 million in incentives for the team if they relocate their spring-training facilities to Naples.

It's like The Sopranos, Charlie: It's just over. Let it go, man. If you're lucky, in a few years you can have a bid at relocating the Kansas City Royals to Florida -- trust us, they won't be missed.

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