Florida Governor Charlie Crist Still Holding Out Hope of Bringing Cubs to Florida

The Chicago Cubs agreed to a deal yesterday that would keep their spring-training facilities in Mesa, but Florida Governor Charlie Crist is still clinging to the idea of bring the lovable losers to Naples.

The deal, which includes Mesa building the Cubs an $84 million stadium, was accepted by the Cubs' board of trustees yesterday. But before it is set in stone, Mesa voters will need to approve it.

That's where Crist hopes to swoop in.

"The Ricketts family has been open and honest, and I wish them well,'' Crist tells the Chicago Tribune. "Florida stands ready to step in."

If Mesa voters fail to approve the plan, the Cubs have the right to skip town and find a deal another city, which would likely be Naples. 

Given the current state of Arizona's finances, voters may be hesitant to drop that kind of cash to build a stadium for a team that hasn't won a World Series in over a century. However, the Cubbies have a huge fan-base and bring in more than $50 million to the local economy every year.

So, Mesa voters, if for nothing more than bragging rights on Crist, who has said some less-than-kind things about your city, don't screw this one up.

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