Former Florence Town Manager Himanshu Patel Vying for Manager in Cave Creek

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When he received Hughes' memos, Patel sent a notice of "intent to terminate" to both Varnrobinson and Hunter. It was only then that they had an opportunity to respond to the allegations.

They both did, explaining in detail why the allegations were false. 

For instance, Hughes told Patel that the cops should be fired because they reopened a 2009 child-homicide investigation just to make Tryon and the detective who originally worked on the case look bad. 

The truth was that former Florence Police Chief Bob Ingulli ordered the pair to look into the badly botched case. 

Hughes also said they needed to be fired because they harshly interviewed the victim of an alleged sexual assault years earlier. 

The truth was, they'd already been counseled for that incident and received additional training on handling such cases. The settled incident took place years before Hughes arrived in Florence. 

Hughes accused the pair of excessive Internet use but only presented a few days of documented use and extrapolated that to substantiate claims that they'd spent four to 10 hours a day online for months. 

In Patel's December 14, 2012 official notice of termination to Varnrobinson and Hunter, he wrote that his decision came "after careful review and consideration of the information you provided ... in response to this notice of intent to terminate your employment."

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