Fulton Brock/Susan Brock Jailhouse Phone Conversations Released. Joe Arpaio, Mormon Blessings, and Special Visits for "Couples" Amongst Topics of Conversation

The Chandler Police Department released its notes from telephone calls between Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock and his prison-bound/somewhat-estranged wife, Susan, that took place while she was locked up in one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails. Interesting stuff -- especially on the part of the county supervisor, who's told the media his wife is "sick" and is adamant that the two are getting divorced.

Aside from a lot of giggly conversations about special jail visits for "couples" (including Susan Brock asking her supe husband, "Why don't you check and see if they let couples have visits here?), the county supervisor and his wife were incredibly careful in what they would say during conversations they knew were being recorded by law enforcement. At one point, Susan Brock interrupts Fulton to say "hey! Just be careful what you say!"

In another instance, being careful not to mention anyone by name, Fulton Brock tells his wife "I'm meeting with that other person this morning. And that other person said you must not tell anybody, anything, ever, including cell mates because they will put plants as cell mates..."

A Sopranos-esque I'm goin' to see that guy -- about da thing comes to mind when reading much of the transcript.

As far as help from Brock's pal Arpaio goes, it was apparently unwavering.  

"Well, [then-sheriff's chief financial officer] Loretta [Barkwell] came to me yesterday, and she goes, 'Look, the sheriff wants to get all this craziness behind us, and we wanna bend over backwards, we wanna do whatever we can,'" Brock told his wife. "So I thought, 'Hmmm, maybe the time is right for me to call Loretta and say Loretta I gotta problem."

At one point, Susan Brock complained that she wished the county supervisor had given her a "blessing" before he'd left the jail during a recent visit.

"You know what, I should have had you give me one yesterday. I regretted that so much after you left," she said.

Fulton Brock responded by saying, "I'll get permission again [for the blessing], and...the sheriff will make it happen."

That's just the tip of the iceberg. See all the notes from the Chandler Police Department on the Brocks' jailhouse conversations below (some of the names in the transcript apparently are family members of the Brocks):

Chandler Police Department's Notes On Recorded Phone Calls Between Fulton and Susan Brock.

10/30 9:04 hrs

Susan calls Fulton

Starts off by telling him she had an idea, "but first..

S: Did you happen to get a hold of that other person we talked about?

F: I'm meeting with that other person this morning. And that other person said you must not tell anybody, anything, ever, including cell mates because they will put plants as cell mates..."

S: (interrupts) I know, I'm aware of that!
Talking about number of visits allowed per week, and who wants to come. Fulton says her mom insists on coming.

F: ....Christian wants to come really bad

S: Ok, have her come with my mom.

S: Send my mom and Christian

S: "Here's the idea I had...."

S: Because so many people love you...and um, would want to help you...and not necessarily help me...but help you ....maybe you do one of those legal defense funds.

F: That's interesting...

S: Because, um, just because of the... great support that you have in the community....

F: Well, I've gotta figure out how looked like the other day.... you ....

S: (interrupts) Hey! Just be careful what you say!

F: (Sigh)...well...right

S: Just come talk to me later...

F: I will discuss this with our friend, and we will decide what to do...."

F: You've got to calm Christian down. Because Christian gets on these little rolls. You've got to tell Christian what you want, or tell your mom what you want...

F: I gave Brett and Becky and Rachel blessings.

S: You know what, I should have had you give me one yesterday. I regretted that so much after you left.

F: I'll get permission again...and the Sheriff will make it happen.

S: Alright, because I need one really bad...

F: Yep. Yep.

11/17 1616 hrs
Susan calls home and she and Fulton talk about how his brother John is coming for a visit, but refuses to stay at their home. Fulton tells her that it bothers him that there has been no communication between her and his mother, and her and his brother John. Susan tells him that John would stab her in her back every time she spoke to him, so she stopped having contact with him.

Susan: ...My emotional stability has been really bad for the whole thirty years we've been married, so you know, blame it on my childhood, blame it on my stupidity, blame it on you know, whatever...but I'm still the mother of his nieces and I don't have any animosity toward him....

11/18 13:26 call
Susan calls Fulton
Susan is initially confused about which day of the week it is.

F: ...I got a call this morning from Bishop Meyer's and he and President Jones are planning on coming tomorrow to visit.

S: Alright. I need to be in the room without the glass because I'm, um, gonna ask Pres. Jones for a blessing and I can't do that in a glass room .
(Susan explains the "bubble" meeting area available for volunteer clergy.)

F: Well, so, President Jones and the Bishop wouldn't get that?

S: They wouldn't, I don't believe they would get that, um, treatment....and I wouldn't be able to have a conversation with them out in the middle of the bubble, like I do with Brother Jensen...

F: So you think you need me to come with them to give a blessing?

S: Either that or call Sgt. Pike and tell her to ask them that we request to get room number 8?

F: Well, I'm going to relay that to the Bishop then....and do what we need to do to try and make that happen...

Susan clarifies to Fulton that they've been meeting in Room 8, which doesn't have a glass divider.

Fulton begins to talk about work:

F: Work is about the same...kinda some things dismissed today that the Sheriff tried to bring charges on me, they all got dismissed.

S: Oh, that's a relief!

F: Yeah, it is. One of them the Sheriff had actually- and Andy Thomas -actually had an investigation on me for trying to sell securities to uh the County Treasurer...He didn't like it once that I had some questions about one of their reports. But they're gonna hand it to Apache County Attorney, and he said it was absurd, that there was not a single thing they would even base it on....

S: Oh, so you were being investigated?!

F: Yeah, I was being investigated individually by them for securities violations.

S: Wow!

F: Idn't that stupid? Is that the stupidest thing you've ever heard in your life?

S: Yeah, well.... it could be you... sittin' in Durango! (she laughs)

F: Well, except I haven't done anything!

S: I know...but that doesn't mean anything!

F: Well, it does - it means a lot!

S: Well, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't say that you did!

F: Well, yeah it doesn't mean that... I mean people can say whatever they want to ....but by the grace of God my innocence came out. I try to be honest.

S: (Sigh)....I know you're an honest

They begin talking about praying for Rachel, and Susan says she's writing as much as she can to Rachel. Susan asks if letters she's been sending them were received. Fulton tells her Becky and Rachel have rec'd her letters . He tells her he hasn't rec'd any from her.

S: Alright, well, I'm really worried about mine going to you...ah, um, I'm really sick if they confiscated them. Cuz those were very personal and very ....something....

F: Well, I'm gonna find out. If I don't get them by tomorrow, I'm gonna raise heck!

S: Well, you know what ....they have rules here - there's no raising heck.

F: No, I will, with the Sheriff's Attorney, with Jack Mack....

S: Well, if my, I sent...

F: We have 5 seconds

S: OK!

Call disconnects

11/20 1055 hrs
At the end of the phone call, Fulton and Susan talk about the meeting they had with Pres. Jones, and the Bishop the day before. Fulton expresses that he thought the meeting went really well.

Susan: You know what almost killed me, though? Was when my Bishop was almost crying.

F: I never saw that

S: I did. He had tears. So did President Jones, but the Bishop really...he just wanna come home. And you know what? Don't give up on me please. (begins to cry) And please pray that um, that the Judge will see it our way because know your, you know me and you know-

F: - I will. You're gonna have to ask to soften the victim's parents and the other teenager's parents too because they seemed to be driving a stake, or trying to a drive a stake. But we'll pray for that really hard...

S: Alright, Alright, I love you so much and thank you for coming...

12/02 1415 hrs

Susan calls Fulton, and Fulton updates her on various issues including BethAnn's health. Fulton then begins asking questions about various bills and accounts, asking for information on what needs to be done.

F: OK, alright, next question, you sent a (inaudible) AT&T bill to your mom's house? Is that the kid's...?

S: A, uh... A what to my mom's house?

F: You sent an AT&T bill down to your mother's address?

S: Yeah, and how did you get it? (said in a flat voice)

F: Well, your mother just brought it to me, of course.

S: Great.

S: Well, is there a check in there?

F: Uh, a check for what?

S: Well, there's probably a credit balance.

F: Uuuuh no.....there's a bill for 395 bucks...

S: That can't be the balance

F: Wait, wait, let's see...maybe, maybe this is it was only $34.98. So did you....did you..uh

S: I canceled the account. I thought I'd have a credit balance.

F: No, no there's no credit

F: So you canceled the 286-3020....

S: - SHUSH!! Your mouth!! Uh!! Everything's been canceled! PLEASE!! Oh my gosh!!

S: If you wanna pay the thirty dollars, pay it! Otherwise it will go to a credit collections agency! I have no ability to pay anything in here.

F: Well, gosh if that was the fees then I could do just use this Visa signature bill to credit point (inaudible)

S: Do whatever you want. If you don't want to pay for her wedding it's fine. You knew how much it cost. Don't pay for anything. Maybe I can be outta here by April and I can pay that 8,000 bill.

12/02 2017 hrs
Susan complains she feels like she might be getting sick, and how she might die there. She tells Fulton how nervous she is about the possibility of getting sick there, and how "they don't care if you live or die in here. "

S: Listen, I can give you. .you just wait...when I'm done with this right're gonna get an earful...and you're gonna....the Board of Supervisors is gonna I see stuff, and hear's interesting....

12/07/10 1939 hrs
This call focuses on the quality of the food, the lack of nutrition she is getting, etc, and she thanks him for what he did. She asks him if he can come tomorrow, he says he can't because he has meetings with attorneys.

S: What kind of attorneys?

F: I can't say....I can't say on the phone...

S: OK. Great! Well um, great well then I'll be looking forward to Thursday then...did you, did you make a phone call about my canteen order today?

F: Yea, I did. Did it get it taken care of?

S: Yes! Thank you! And I don't know what you did but they said I had no money on my account today and I'm like "I know he put money on my account yesterday"...and they went and checked it and the money was there so their gonna bring it tomorrow...

F: Well, here's what know, it's kinda goosey because....
Fulton Goes into an explanation how he was told if he went into 4th Avenue, he could recharge money on her account for free. When he found that wasn't the case, and he would have to pay a $10.00 fee, he called Loretta Barkell (The Sheriff's Finance Director) directly. She eventually met up with Fulton, and said she would put the money on her account for free. He personally handed Barkell a check for $80.00 to be put on Susan's account. Later, Beth Anne texts her dad
and tells him mom doesn't have money. Fulton again calls Barkell, and Barkell said she doesn't know what could have happened. He continues:

F: Well, Loretta came to me yesterday and she goes, "Look the Sheriff wants to get all this craziness behind us and we wanna bend over backwards, we wanna do whatever we can. " So I thought hmmm, maybe the time is right for me to call Loretta and say Loretta I gotta problem, I need you to get on it, and she said, "Oh Supervisor Brock, I will get, as soon, as soon as I hang up this phone I will make sure that your money gets posted to your wife." So she's the one that made it happen. But she's the one that should have made it happen yesterday.

Fulton also said that Loretta Bartell said "she would call Director Camponero right now."

S: Thank goodness they're going to make an exception and let me have this stuff.....
Later, Susan talks about missing home, and Fulton, and tells him she wants to talk to him later about an idea she has, that she had talked to a guy name "Allen" about this idea...

S: Did you ever find out about that jail, or that prison, if they allows couples to....

F: Well, we'll cross that creek when we come to it....because there's no reason to ask those questions at this juncture....

Susan tells him she'll call back in an hour

12/07/10 2046 hrs
She calls back 55 minutes later and is evidently thrilled at her ability to gauge time without the help of a clock. Fulton tells her she's getting good at "counting stars," or "counting squares on the floor."
Susan responds by telling him there are no squares, only cement.

S: Why don't you come back and see me sometime, back here?

F: I don't think I'm allowed back there.

S: Well, you know what, I bet you are- with your badge, and you know what? There's some ladies back here that have heard so much about you! They're dying to meet you!

F: Oh, I'm sure- those are the kinda ladies I'm dyin' to meet....

Later, Susan wants Fulton to find out where the water is coming from (because cell mate found a worm in her water) Insists three times for him to find out.

S: And...why don't you check and see if they let couples have visits here? (giggles)

F: Yea, I'll do that...but I think that would be a little bit over the top for a jail...

S: Well...just ask someone discreetly then (they both laugh)

12/16 1952 hrs
Fulton apologizes to Susan for forgetting to have a prayer today. Susan responds:
"I know! I keep forgetting that! I'm like, what is my deal? I wanna do it so bad! But it's like I see you and I get all googly eyed and I can't even remember my last name. I can't remember anything, I just wanna.......well, you know what I want!" (laughs)

12/17 1329 hrs
Susan cries for most of the conversation, says she's in a lot of physical pain.

12/17 2018 hrs
Susan tells Fulton that unless Becky and Brett come with him tomorrow to visit, they will have to "end up in a glass room."
Susan complains how she wants to speak to the Captain, about the ideas she has, but he didn't call her out. Fulton tells her "I don't think it's my place to initiate it."

12/18 2125 hrs
Susan asks Fulton to keep a serious eye on Rachel. Concerned about her depression.
Later, Fulton talks about the pizza they are enjoying at home. Susan tells him she wants pizza so bad.

S: Food, glorious food! Will you remember that when you come tomorrow?

F: (laughs) ....I get ya.

12/20 19:44 hours
Susan calls Fulton

S: Um, I need you to call the captain tomorrow and ask. Because apparently Fridays are for legal visits only and I don't know if you've ever tried to visit me on a Friday.

F: uhhhhhh....

S: So.. you need to make sure that they're gonna let you....if....

F: I will, I'll be seeing the Captain tomorrow...

S: Are you comin tomorrow?

S: Um, I had a meeting with Darren today and I need to talk to you about it really bad.

F: I'll be down tomorrow, so just don't say anything, everything is 100% monitored.

S: I know that, I know that. I'm telling you - I need to see you soon.


S: Well, I sure enjoyed our visit today.

F: inaudible (Something about it being "sweet)

S: And I love that airplane...I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen... If people ask you about it, what will you say?

F: I'll say it's our token ...our rainbow...

S: Your rainbow?

F: Yea

S: Awwww....that's so sweet.....

Talks later about how much the visit today meant to her...apparently the whole family went to see her...talks about the red headed guard asking her if she knew how much she was loved (by her family)...
Fulton complains to Susan how irritable and easily offended Rachel and Beth Ann are. Susan responds:

S: Well, until they get it right, we can't be completely united.

Fulton tells her she needs to keep encouraging them to read the Book of Mormon, and that she "is the key."

12/27/10 1520 hrs
Fulton tells Susan about his lunch with Pres. Jones. Susan asks if he told Jones how she was doing. He says yes, and tells her Jones is planning to "come back and visit" her with the Bishop in the near future. Susan tells him, "You'll have to come with them, though. Cuz, I don't want to be in a glass room, speaking over that stupid speaker box thing."
12/27/10 1536 hrs

F: Yeah, well, when I visit with you next...I'll tell you a little bit about my visit with President Jones. I think it was positive.

S: I need his counsel and blessings. I need him to come see me sometime.

F: He wants to.......he's gonna come back, and uh, I'll probably be visiting with your mom later today. (Inaudible) We're making progress on that.

12/27/10 2130 hrs
Susan complains to Fulton about the food, and then begins talking about her "cost effective" proposal for the Sheriff reference the quality of the food. Says she is "literally starving to death."

S: You know, I really need to talk to some people. I really need some people to come see me.

F: Who would you like to come see you?

S: Well, I'd like Bill Tierney (sp?) to come see me if he has anything to do with the call center that they have here. I'd like Wayne to come see me. I'd like um, I'd like to talk to Loretta. Because I can't, I can't get in to see the Captain here. I've requested twice to get in and I can't. Um....
You know, I don't know ....I can't really ask for a meeting with the Sheriff. Well, I could, but probably get laughed outta the room. But you know what? He's an aggressive kind of budgeteering kinda guy, so my proposal might be of interest to him.
I just can't, I just can't reach anybody...I can't call anybody....
Are you there?

F: Yeah...just trying to think of the best....

S: You do that, or the Chief. The new Chief guy.

F: Is that the new.....(inaudible).....

S: Yeah, yeah... I'd be happy to talk to him. I just can't reach anybody. Whatever you feel good about. I'm just running out of time. And of course I want to talk to my stake president whenever I can. And my Bishop.

Fulton changes the topic to what she's reading in the scriptures....
Later, Susan returns to how she is being inspired by ideas, yet she is stuck in place where she can't bounce her ideas off of anybody. She wants to talk about the population in Estrella jail, food issue, deficits, budget, etc...

S: ....I just want a chance to be heard. And I know the normal person, inmate, or whatever, does not come up with these ideas. But I am NOT normal! Never have been, never will be. And they would be, they would be greatly enriched if they allowed me to do something. But anyways....

F: Well, uh, I don't, I don't know , if this gentleman ...(inaudible)....with the call center...and I don't know what Wayne can do as the attorney...

S: Well, I know Wayne was trying to do that one thing for me...and I just wanted to make sure it goes well...
She finishes by saying "it needs to be this week."

12/28/10 1025 hrs
Towards end of conversation, Fulton and Susan are talking about how she cannot reach Theron. They both talk about how the phone calls are recorded and Fulton says something about "even though they are not permitted to" and how "you have to challenge it" (Unsure if he is referring to legal counsel calls or all calls in general.

12/28/10 2104 hrs
Susan calls home and at first talks about how close she is to the spirit, then later asks Fulton if he is coming to visit her the next day. When he responds "maybe," she starts complaining/whining how he didn't give her anything for Christmas. Complains about Brett and Becky not coming more since they are leaving town soon.

S: I just miss everybody so much. I just feel you slipping away. I seriously feel like I'm a dead person in here.'re slipping away from me. It's a terrible, terrible feeling to have.....

(Silence) Fulton does not respond

Goes on to talk about appearing in court in March for divorce

12/29/10 1200 hrs
Susan calls home and asks to speak to Fulton

F: Well, I'm going to come down and visit with you in a little while...I've got a couple of business things....

S: Do I have time to take a shower?

F: Oh yeah, sure

S: It's just you coming?

F: Yea, yea, I'll be by myself

S: Alright! Alright, well, then I'm gonna take a shower then...get pretty!

F: Yeah, of should do that once a week whether you need it or not....

12/31/10 1943 hrs
Susan talks to Fulton, and they talk about the possible "rumor" that he could be the next one to be arrested. At the end of the call she says:

S: I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm completely shutting down. And I'm incapable of making a decision about anything because of the overwhelming pressure that's being placed on me. And um, that's not a good place for me to be.

F:...Right. Well, I think you're going down, you know, the right path...because it's one that you've prayed and fasted about...uh....

S: I know that, but I'm so confused! And you know what? That Detective Perez, is a big fat liar! And I don't like that you can't trust a word that comes out of anybody's mouth. And, I don't like it! And I don't trust anybody now - anybody in authority, I don't trust them - they have an ulterior motive. I don't like it!

12/31/10 2137 hours
Susan calls home and learns that Rachel has been released. Cannot determine who she is speaking to at first. She says, " I can't believe they would do this to her, knowing they didn't have any evidence on her. That's just wrong!"
She then talks to Fulton.

S: But, all I know is, that was the meanest, cruelest thing they have ever done. And potentially ruined a young woman's life. That is wrong! But I'm grateful, I'm grateful beyond description that she is home tonight. I could hardly bear it last night. I really couldn't. I haven't been ok all day because of it.....

1/1/11 10:04 hours
Susan asks Becky to look in desk drawer and find clear plastic software box, and find year on box. Stresses importance of finding date.
Later, Becky tells her mother, "I've been instructed to tell you Natalie is coming over at 12, and she needs your help."
Later...Susan talks about how she prayed and cried, after two days of being in shock and not being able to cry (after Rachel was arrested)...

F: Well, my cry and plea is our family raises its prayers and standards to a whole different level .

S: Absolutely! Absolutely. It's helping. I had, I had some inspiration this morning....that was monumentous. I cannot wait to talk to Theron. I cannot wait. I hope...maybe....

F: Well, yea, I've gotta couple things to share with him (you) too... hopefully they'll be positive...

S: Yea,if you get a chance to talk to him this weekend, tell him I really need to talk to him on Monday

F: Yea

S: So...

F: Yea, I'll try and make that happen...

Fulton talks about the celebration they are going to have this weekend ("cooking a fattened cat")....celebrated a new year with a new girl

1/1/11 21:06
Susan calls home and Fulton talks about a casual conversation he had with Bishop at the grocery store, Beth Ann's anger, and the letters he's reading from her...
Susan tells Fulton: Tell me what you think about me.

F: Well, I think you're making a lot of spiritual growth and enormous progress.....

S: (interrupts) You know what Brother Martin said about me?

F: What?

S: ...said I'm on the fast track!

F: Yea, that would be a good description....

01/03/11 2018 hours
Susan calls Fulton

S: I do love you very much, and I'm in love with you and I wish they would let me be alone with you.

F: Well, at least we have some final thoughts... (inaudible)....

S: Hmmm?

F: We can talk about it another time?

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