Fulton Brock Tried to Hide Evidence of Affair Between Wife and Teenage Boy, Prosecutor Alleges at Susan Brock Sentencing Hearing

As we mentioned in our prior post, Susan Brock, the somewhat-estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, was sentenced to 13 years in prison this afternoon for having a three-year sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

However, day two of her sentencing hearing was more focused on her county supervisor husband than it was on Mrs. Brock.

Indeed, the Brock family sex saga took another shocking turn this afternoon: Fulton Brock knew about the relationship between his wife and the boy and tried to hide evidence it, the prosecutor in the case alleged at the hearing,

This might explain why the Chandler Police Department served a search warrant earlier this week to obtain a handwriting sample from the county supervisor.

Before today's hearing, Fulton Brock's attorney, David Cantor, revealed that the prosecutor in the case, Jason Holmberg, planned to introduce evidence that might cast the county supervisor in a negative light -- and that it shouldn't be allowed because Fulton Brock had not been charged with a crime.

The evidence was allowed, and Holmberg told the court how Fulton Brock not only knew about the affair, but tried to help cover it up and have the charges against his wife reduced.

When Chandler police served a search warrant at the Brocks' home, Holmberg says, the county supervisor threatened to call his pal Joe Arpaio's boys in beige to stop the search. He also told Chandler cops he had no idea where his wife's cell phone was, only to retrieve it -- as well as credit cards Susan Brock used to buy the victim gifts -- from a lock box in the home about 45 minutes later.

Phone calls between Fulton and Susan Brock also were played in court today, KPHO-TV reports. In one of the calls, Fulton Brock suggested that the victim had both cash and a ring. At that point, Susan Brock told him to clam up because the call was being recorded. Holmberg argued that the Brocks planned to claim the victim was extorting them. 

In another call, Fulton Brock tells his wife he planned to set up a meeting with leaders of the Mormon Church, the prosecutors, and the victim's family to try to get them to lessen the charges.

The Mormon Church, as we've mentioned, already knew there was at least suspicion that Susan Brock was having sex with the boy.

In October 2009, about a year before Susan Brock was charged with a crime,

the boy's parents called a meeting at their church to confront Brock -- and her husband, Fulton -- about the relationship.

During the meeting with LDS stake president Mitch Jones, the father of Brock's victim asked her point-blank whether she was having a sexual relationship with his son. Brock denied it -- with her county supervisor husband sitting in the room with her.

Susan Brock may be the only one going to prison, but it could be argued that the boy was sexually abused for an entire year because none of the adults in the room during the meeting at the Mormon Church bothered to call the cops about their suspicions.

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