George Gascon Invites Arpaio to Dinner in San Francisco; Arpaio Calls Feds' Conduct in Sweep "Deceptive"


Sheriff Joe Arpaio Twitter Watch:

Arpaio tweets today that he received an invitation to dinner from one of his political enemies, former Mesa Police Chief George Gascon. Arpaio includes a picture of the card (above), which has a pre-printed religious message and handwritten note from Gascon inviting the sheriff to an Italian dinner if he ever comes to Gascon's new home port, San Francisco.

Arpaio quips that he's not sure who should pay the bill if he accepts.

We wonder who would throw the first meatball.

In another tweet, Arpaio refers to a news release his office put out today in response to the actions of federal officials during last week's immigration/crime sweep in Mesa. As New Times columnist Stephen Lemons reported last week, Arpaio's ticked at the feds for allegedly demanding the sheriff's office release a few illegal immigrants picked up in the sweep.

The U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is on record as saying the release of the immigrants was a call made by deputies, but a taped phone conversation between an ICE official and a deputy seems to bolster Arpaio's side of the argument.


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