Gilbert Restaurant Receives Top Honors When it Comes to its Crapper

There are few things on the face of god's green earth more disgusting than a public bathroom -- the lone turd floating in the bowl, the piss everywhere, and the weirdo standing next to you at the urinal who subtly tilts his head in your direction for no other reason than to check out your junk.

Tolerating any of those things in order to allow nature to take its course takes cojones but Valley residents are lucky: A local john has received top honors as one of the best bathrooms in the entire country and, with your support, it can become the best bathroom in the country.

According to new rankings compiled by AOL, Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert has one of the best bathrooms in the entire country.

This is the fourth time AOL's ranked the country's most luxurious commodes and Joe's Farm Grill is among 10 toilets with a chance to win the coveted title of the nation's best bano.

The rankings are determined by cleanliness and style, and the national list gives high marks to the encased GI Joe and Barbie dolls and TVs playing old episodes of Stingray and the Thunderbirds in the restrooms at Joe's.

Bathrooms from all over the country are in the running for the top spot, with dump-spots from New York to California competing with our home-town head.

Check out the complete rankings -- and vote for the best latrine in the nation -- here.

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