Guess which driver's facing 21 years in prison — the drunk , rich, white one or the sober, poor, black one?

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But he thinks about her, often.

Through her lawyer, Bither declined comment. She is suing both Wilkerson and Varker for her daughter's death, court records show.

"She's the real victim here," Wilkerson says. "As hard as it may be for me, it's nothing; it's not even one-tenth the thickness of a hair, compared to what it is for her. I can't comprehend that. If I were to lose one of my daughters, it would just tear me up."

But he still can't understand why he's the only one being held responsible, why he's the one looking at 21 years, while Laura Varker continues on her way.

"I need to get the story out," he says. "Because it really seems like they're trying to railroad me."

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